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Dr. Oz Announces Good Life™ Sleep System in Partnership With Maven

The Revolutionary Sleep Solution Will Be Invaluable for Insomniacs

While millions of Americans are taking steps to improve their health – like trying a range of diet plans and exercise routines – the majority aren’t prioritizing their sleep habits to the same extent. In fact, SleepHealth concludes that 70 percent of Americans struggle to sleep at least one night every month, while 11 percent struggle every night. This needs to change; the time that we spend asleep makes up a third of our lives – time that directly affects how we function during our waking hours.

To overcome the country’s sleep problem, Dr. Oz is tackling sleep issues from every angle, examining the latest sleep research to offer well-founded advice and guidance for those who are grappling with sleep-related problems. Now, Dr. Oz is launching insomnia solutions in the form of the Dr. Oz Good Life™ bundle, a cutting-edge sleep system comprising an adjustable bed base and premium mattress designed to offer luxurious comfort and support.

Dr. Oz uses the newest technology to produce unrivaled bed bases and mattresses that promote healthy sleep and minimize discomfort. Aside from using groundbreaking technology and the finest materials, the Dr. Oz Good Life™ range also uses a SilverScience™ application to guarantee long-term antibacterial action by inhibiting up to 99 percent of pathogens. Invisible microfine silver threads are woven into The Good Life’s sleep products, and the mattresses are protected with an additional nano-silver treatment to keep your sleeping environment healthy.

Dr. Oz and Maven Partnership
Dr. Oz has partnered with Maven to release the science-driven product line. Together, they are due to launch Good Life™ sleep essentials in fall, both in stores and online.

“Sleep is crucial for your overall health and well-being,” says Dr. Oz. “Americans are simply not getting enough. In fact, the negative effects of insufficient sleep are the number one health problem people are now waking up to. Maven is a company that produces quality products while doing good in the world. They feel like family. Now that we’ve teamed up, we can’t wait to share better sleep with every family.”

“At Maven, we are continuously striving to bring better sleep to our customers,” adds Jim Fife, Maven’s sales and licensing director. “Partnering with Dr. Oz is a perfect way for us to get the message out to as many people as possible that better sleep equals better results in every aspect of your life. With a focus on the science behind good sleep, Dr. Oz worked with our product development team to create the best sleep solutions. We are excited for this wonderful partnership and the impact it will have on improving sleep for all.”

The Dr. Oz Good Life™ Solution
Chronic snoring is typically the result of poor sleep positioning, but a small shift in your sleep position can open your airway to prevent snoring. The Dr. Oz Good Life™ solution includes an adjustable base, which allows you to sleep at an incline to prevent snoring, back pain, and acid reflux. The system also includes one of the mattresses from the Good Life™ range, which are known for being some of the most comfortable mattresses on the market.

The Dr. Oz Good Life™ solution offers two sleep system bundles to choose between:

1. The Good Life™ Sleep System
The Good Life™ Sleep System combines the Good Life™ Adjustable Base and Good Life™ Mattress, both of which are designed to help people overcome sleep troubles using pioneering technology and antibacterial applications.

The Good Life™ Adjustable Base offers head and foot incline features, as well as Oz Anti-Snore and Spine Relief pre-programmed positions. You can download the free Dr. Oz Base™ app to use your phone as a remote and control your bed base. The app uses patent-pending artificial intelligence to identify snoring and gently adjust the bed base so that you and your partner can continue to sleep soundly.

The Good Life™ Mattress comprises four luxurious memory foam layers to offer a medium-firm, pressure-relieving experience. These mattresses use activated charcoal from sustainable bamboo, which is infused into the memory foam to inhibit dust mites. The mattresses also use CoolRelax™ gel to extract heat from the body and balance temperature. The ventilated layers of gel-infused memory foam enable breathability to keep you cool and comfortable all night.

SleepScore Labs Study
SleepScore Labs conducted an independent study to examine how couples’ sleep habits changed when using the Dr. Oz Good Life™ adjustable bed base over 990 nights. The participants used the Anti-Snore setting, which elevates the user by around 12 degrees. Before the study, 8 out of 10 participants reported that they were awoken by their partners’ snoring either nightly, weekly, or somewhere in between.

At the end of the study, 9 out of 10 participants reported that they were no longer affected by their partners’ snoring. The study found a seven percent relative decrease in objectively measured snoring while participants slept in the inclined position. The participants also reported feeling more energized and that, using the Dr. Oz Good Life™ adjustable bed base, they felt less likely to disrupt their partners’ sleep.

2. The Good Life™ Sleep System Pro
Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Good Life™ Sleep System Pro, which includes the Good Life™ Adjustable Base Pro and the Good Life™ Hybrid Mattress Pro.

The Good Life™ Adjustable Base Pro combines all of the benefits of the Good Life™ Adjustable Base with an additional rhythm massage feature, adjustable leg lengths, and under-bed lighting so that you’re less likely to wake your partner if you need to get up during the night.

The Good Life™ Hybrid Mattress Pro is designed for sleepers who need maximum support. The mattress offers the same cooling benefits and antibacterial application as the Good Life™ Mattress but also combines traditional innerspring with memory foam – seven zones of individually encased steel coils that sit between the foam layers to create a plush feel. These steel coils correlate with the body’s prominent contact points, providing optimal support.

Customers who purchase a bundle receive free white glove delivery, saving $250. Dr. Oz Good Life™ also offers free returns, monthly payment options, 10-year warranties, and 120-night risk-free trials. Customers can also add on weighted blankets and specially designed bedding to tailor their bundles to their individual needs.

Here’s all the information you need about the sleep products that you can tie into your Dr. Oz Good Life™ bundle for the best sleep experience:

Dr. Oz Good Life™ Pillows
Dr. Oz Good Life™ offers a range of the highest-quality pillows that use premium materials and technologies to ensure that you get the best sleep possible.

The pillow range includes the:
Stay in Bed™ EngineeredDown™ Pillow, a fresh take on the classic down pillow, using no-clump gelled fibers and a crisp cotton case.
Stay the Night™ Premium Fill Pillow, a winning combo of EngineeredDown™ and shredded memory foam that molds easily so that you can sleep comfortably in any position.
Say Goodnight™ Memory Foam Pillow, a pillow that offers contouring comfort, cool gel infusions, and a soft, plush feel to avoid neck pain.
Say Goodnight™ Side Sleeper Pillow, an ergonomic pillow designed specifically for side sleepers using memory foam, cool-and-clean infusions, and a shoulder cut-out.
Drift Off™ Dual-Sided Pillow, a reversible design with supportive memory foam, CoolRelax™ gel, activated charcoal, and EngineeredDown™ fill gives you two ultra-comfy pillows in one.
Sleeping with Clouds™ Premium Down Pillow, a fluffy down pillow with a supportive inner core and medium-firm feel. All down clusters and feathers are ethically harvested, washed, and rinsed for a clean, hypoallergenic fill.

Dr. Oz Good Life™ Mattress Toppers
A mattress topper with excellent contouring support helps reduce tossing and turning, keeping you comfortable throughout the night. The Dr. Oz Good Life™ range includes two-inch and three-inch memory foam profiles that add instant comfort to any bed.

The mattress topper range includes the:
Sleep All Day™ Fast-Response Memory Foam Topper, a fast-response foam is the latest sleep-technology innovation. This topper is both supportive and light, offering a bounce-back feel and two inches of cushioning.
Say Goodnight™ Memory Foam Topper, which includes activated charcoal that protects against dust mites while CoolRelax™ gel extracts heat to keep you cool all night.
Straight to Sleep™ Dual-Sided Memory Foam Topper, which allows you to choose between the premium memory foam side and spongy fast-response foam side of this luxuriously soft mattress topper.

Dr. Oz Good Life™ Mattress Protectors
A Dr. Oz Good Life™ mattress protector sits on top of your mattress, using waterproof technology and an antibacterial application to maintain your mattress’ condition for many years to come. While the Safe in Bed™ Encasement Protector provides 360-degree protection against spills, bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens, the waterproof Safe in Bed™ Mattress Pad is brimming with EngineeredDown™ fill to offer a super-soft feel.

Dr. Oz Good Life™ Weighted Blanket
The double-sided Center Yourself™ Weighted Blanket reduces stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and providing ultimate comfort. While the TENCEL™ Lyocell side will keep you cool during warm weather, the fleece side will keep you warm during long winters. The weighted blanket is highly durable, washable, and quilted using a specialist construction to prevent the glass beads from clumping. The blanket also uses SilverScience™ technology to minimize bacteria.

Dr. Oz Good Life™ Comforters
Each Dr. Oz Good Life™ comforter is complete with antibacterial technology and duvet loops so that you can secure the corners of your comforter for a perfect fit. While the Sleeping with Clouds™ Premium Down Comforter offers traditional fluffiness encased in a cotton cover, the Stay in Bed™ EngineeredDown™ Comforter uses no-clump gelled fibers and a box-stitched design to spread the mid-weight fill evenly.

The Next Step Toward Healthy Sleep
Identifying the reason for your sleepless nights is often the first step that you need to take to overcome insomnia. If you’re unsure how to pinpoint the reason behind your sleep struggles, take the Good Life™ Sleep Solutions quiz to determine the root of the problem. You can also learn more about the future of sleep and the Dr. Oz Good Life™ solution at Plus, you can subscribe to the Dr. Oz newsletter to receive sleep tips and exclusive snippets from ”The Dr. Oz Show.”

About Dr. Oz
Dr. Oz is a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, vice-chairman and professor of surgery at the Columbia University of Physicians & Surgeons, television icon, alternative medicine promoter, author, and journalist. Best known for starring in “The Dr. Oz Show” and appearing over 70 times over six years on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” among other programs, Dr. Oz has made advanced medicine accessible as a well-known television personality.

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Dr. Oz knew that he wanted to work in medicine from the age of seven when he saw the transformations that his father achieved for patients as a surgeon at Delaware’s Wilmington Medical Center. After studying biology at Harvard University, Dr. Oz jointly earned an MBA from The Wharton School and an MD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

In 1994, Dr. Oz established the Cardiovascular Institute and Integrative Medicine Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Four years later, he released his first book, “Healing from the Heart: A Leading Surgeon Combines Eastern and Western Traditions to Create the Medicine of the Future,” which he co-wrote with his wife, Lisa, who is also a heart surgeon. Since then, he has also written a series of New York Times best-selling books, as well as columns for Esquire and other media outlets.

In 2003, Dr. Oz and his wife produced “Second Opinion with Dr. Oz,” a television show featuring Oprah Winfrey, Charlie Sheen, Quincy Jones, Patti LaBelle, and Magic Johnson. In 2009, Winfrey’s Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures Television produced “The Dr. Oz Show.” The program scored the highest daytime TV ratings recorded in nine years and won several Emmy Awards.

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