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Drive Crowd Engagement Using Augmented Reality

Learn how augmented reality solutions can help you market your game or sports creatives in a better manner.

6 Examples of Augmented Reality Powered Sales

1. Virtual Fitting Room

The smart thing to do while shopping is to try different clothes and buy that suits your style. Although, shopping online can take the fun away. You just have to see the different images of the product and you buy it in the hopes that it will fit you nicely.

If it doesn’t fit you, you opt for a return order. But, doesn’t it take too much time to send and wait for another size product to land on your doorstep? It’s so much easier to try dozens of different clothes in a mall as compared to online shopping.

But, the truth is that you prefer shopping online over physical stores nevertheless. With augmented reality solutions, you can use your mobile phone to see yourself in different clothing items and buy what fits you perfectly without the hassle of trying every item out. This way, users end up trying more items and possibly buying more than planned.

2. Makeup Products

Buying makeup products online is a huge mess. You don’t know if the lip color seen on the screen matches the real product? You don’t know if the foundation is as rich as they say. It’s a world of unknown out there.

Many women prefer to buy makeup in the stores, even if they have to pay more! With an augmented reality experience, you can see how the lip color looks on you by turning on your front camera, so that the product can be seen live on your face using AR.

Users can also find out what tools they’ll need to apply the said makeup product. You must have seen the filters on Instagram and Snapchat, it works just like that, only with finer precision.

3. Movie Posters

A successful marketing strategy involves sending the right message to your audience at the right time. AR gives you multiple opportunities to broadcast your messages across a wide range of audiences. 

Entertainment industry understands that their audience is more interested to see upcoming movie trailers, teasers when they come to theatres. When a customer sees a movie poster, AR can be implemented using an application that would scan the poster and show information such as next movie timings, trailers, discounts, offers, movie cast and so on.

You have more chances to add incentives to motivate users to check the movie out and purchase a ticket when you partner with augmented reality solutions. 

4. Home Decoration

Home decoration or renovation can be a tedious task, from choosing the right paint color to choosing the right furniture, accessories, decorative items and so on.

The green paint color that looked so bright online may not look as bright when you see it for real on your wall. To solve this problem, you can use an AR application as provided by the e-commerce website or store.

This technology helps users view the paint color in the same shade as it will look in their house. It considers the lighting condition, shadows, tint of the room to provide a wholesome picture. These apps also market different products such as furniture, faucets and other products that may look good in your house.

5. Netflix Magic

Netflix is known for their crazy and extremely engaging social media content. The streaming company came up with an AR campaign for one of their original series on Snapchat.

Using lenses on Snapchat, users could record a video of themselves walking around the house with monsters coming out of their walls. This marketing campaign became utterly successful as the series was much awaited and people took active participation in the game.

AR games, such as this, provide a fertile ground to market products and services in a fun manner. Netflix has been seen to use AR as one of their primary sources of marketing campaigns around the world.

6. AR For Sports Maniacs

Augmented reality is already a massive hit amongst young sports enthusiasts. It has the power to bring you very close to the whole action of the game.

AR can help you understand the key tactics of a player, strengths and weaknesses, with insane levels of interactivity between you and the game.

It can help players get professional help, while training or practicing. Players can see the trajectories of the ball and get a better idea of the orientation of the movement of the ball, and stuff like that! 

AR comes packed with engaging marketing campaigns that help you advertise and boost your sales like never before. Click a photo with your favorite sports star’s 3D model as if he’s standing right there… or better search for a sports event near you using AR activated location markers.

The possibilities are endless.