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Driving to Daytona Beach, FL, in Ferrari 488 Spyder

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Although it takes around four hours to reach Daytona Beach, FL, from Miami, you can reach it faster in a sports car such as Ferrari 488 Spyder. This latest addition in the 488 lineups of open-top cars boasts of a roaring performance. With 0 to 100 km/h in mere 3 seconds, this car with commendable aerodynamics gives the driver a thrilling experience. 

If you want to experience something different, something that piques your adrenaline, then you must drive this car. 

You need not wait until you own this beast. Rent a Ferrari in Miami and conquer the roads. 

How to rent a Ferrari?

A simple renting process can help you get behind the wheel of this superb automobile model. Collect your driver’s license, make sure you are above 21, get your insurance policy, and put your credit card on file. You are all set to drive one of the finest sports cars in the world. 

Search for “exotic car rentals near me.” The search will lead you to one of the most reputable car rentals in this area. A simple documentation process comprising the above-mentioned documents and an easy online booking can get you close to your dream car. Check the availability of the car online and enter the pickup and return dates. Or you can visit the rental site. 

Check the car

It is good to inspect the car before driving it out of the rental site. Although the rentals keep their fleet in top condition, you must still look out for any minor scratch or dent on the exterior or interior that may have missed the eye. Exotic Miami rentals charge for the slightest damage too. If the car is with you and the dent is found, the rental will expect you to pay for it, even if you haven’t done the damage. So, be safe; be smart. 

Be comfortable 

If you have never driven a sports car before, be comfortable with driving it around the area before you start off for Daytona Beach, FL. 

Ferrari has a fast pickup rate. You must be in control of the car to enjoy its maximum benefits and reap the most fun. 

It is best to start your journey to Daytona Beach in the early morning hours. Driving would be a breeze with hardly any traffic on the road. Let your Ferrari show its prowess as it cuts through the air and zooms past the scenic beauty of the highways. 

In less than an hour, the swanky sports car would make you reach the city that boasts a 23-mile-long Atlantic coastline. 

Although we don’t suggest reckless driving, driving a Ferrari when the traffic is light gives you a chance to take it to its top speed, which is quite an adrenaline-gushing experience. 

So, wait no more. Drive to Daytona Beach in a Ferrari 488 Spyder. You can also find an exotic car rental in Daytona Beach, FL. Why not reach here by flight and rent a car in the city for a few hours?