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Dwell in Tranquility with Securing your Account with a Strong Password

You might have come across the recent security breaches of and LinkedIn. It would awestruck you if I begin mentioning the thousands of websites, which hackers have clenched till now. There is no such thing that is impervious to hacking. And, guess what the password leaking is the foremost thing that happens in a situation like this. Tech giants across the world exclaim that 80% of data breaches in 2019 were a result of password compromise. A whopping large number, isn’t it?

No surprise that the choice of a strong password is essential. The best mingle of symbolic and alphanumeric characters work well in making a strong password. And, why not the data security lies in your hands! Given what value your passwords hold, it becomes vital that these are both secure and easy to remember. Your passwords not only protect your Facebook profiles, your email accounts, personal blogs but many other accounts that hold links to your PayPal, eBay, and Amazon accounts.

Before we embark upon the journey of how to create a strong password for your account, shedding some light on employing a password manager holds pivotal importance. Yes, you can use trustworthy password managers such as LastPass and 1Password. These help you in the creation and storage of lengthy passwords for yourself. And the best thing about using one is that it doesn’t occupy gigantic storage, saving the other storage space for essential apps. They work well with your desktop and phone. Can’t wait to know the tips for creating a strong yet secure password? Hold on to this article till the end:

Consider the password size:

The bigger, the better goes apt in a situation like this. Thus, keeping a keen eye on the password size must be your top-most priority when generating the next password for your account. Hackers indulge in using brute force techniques for hacking a 4- character password. This hacking process is quick, owing to the combination of alphabets and numerics that the computer tries. The experts recommend making using a password with 12 or more characters in it for securing your account to the best levels. You can also go in for a 6- character password or an 8-character password, but my heart lies for a 12 or more character password.

Never recycle your passwords:

Recycling your passwords looks like a terrible idea. Indulging in a process like this works wonders in giving the key to all your accounts if a hacker gets lucky in hacking one account. This process also goes in for root passwords, wherein you change one password. The others change by adding a prefix or suffix, for example, quickbrownfox1 and quickbrownfox2. Believe me when I say that these are both bad for many reasons.

Create unique passwords:

Well, the trick for creating unique and memorable passwords that are impossible to crack is a way that you’ll read in after the blink of an eye. Although, there might be a possibility that NSA will do it, no one else. The starting point here is to dive deep into your memory lane and reminisce your favorite character of the recent show on your list. Your password can be from Game of Thrones or Emily In Paris. You can use a password like TargaryenDaenerys@#15. This process looks easy to memorize yet hard to hack passwords, right?

Using two-factor authentication, avoiding common passwords, and avoiding periodical password resetting are some more tips that’ll help you stay safe from hackers. I’m sure these tips have given you a sigh of relief since staying proactive is always the best practice.