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E-sports Trends to Watch in 2021

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E-sports fans can expect huge industry growth in 2021 with new trends and the ones carrying over from the previous year. With the pandemic that started last year, we have experienced rapid digitalization, which disrupted market dynamics and esports odds. However, the industry continues to become stronger and bring new promising solutions to the table. In this article, we will cover some of the most expected digital gaming trends of 2021. You can read more over at Gametransfers.

Mobile E-gaming Will Play a Huge Role

The e-sports market has been totally dominated by PC and console games for the longest time. However, mobile gaming has been demonstrating some incredible results already. Such popular titles as PUBG Mobile have been collecting more views than Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive just by the end of 2020. Statistics show that the demand for mobile digital sports continues to grow rapidly in Asia and Latin America. This brings high expectations for mobile gamers in 2021.

Bringing More Diversity to E-sports Teams

Digital sports teams have been stepping out of their comfort zone for some time already by expanding their operations. Turning your team into a brand and engaging content creators for popular platforms offers numerous opportunities for promotions and collaborations. Transcending a traditional e-sports team, as we know it, allows reaching new markets and popularizing digital sports. With the help of content creators, you can gain more exposure and set up better communication with sponsors. Because of the pandemic, it became evident that modern e-sports requires additional support beyond just gaming, and this trend will continue to develop.

Traditional Sports Working Alongside Esports

Electronic sports is constantly becoming a more serious force to take into account. Traditional sports organizations are starting to acknowledge digital sports more and develop new solutions for integration. The digital realm is extremely important for developing sports overall, which means new opportunities for e-sports in 2021 already.

Increasing Influence of Digital Non-Gaming Content

While the essence of e-sports is gaming, there are also numerous events and activities that are not gaming-related. Expanding e-sports means holding conventions, creating content that does not include gaming as it is but engages e-sports fans. A huge chunk of e-sports viewers is a younger audience that prefers streaming platforms over many other media forms, such as television, for example. Streaming on Twitch and similar platforms offers e-sports a great way of holding all kinds of events even during quarantine. Not to mention how virtual conventions, concerts, interviews, and so on make e-sports globally accessible. In 2021, live content that surrounds e-sports is expected to grow even bigger.

Regional E-sports Focus

E-sports has been growing globally thanks to international tournaments and other events. However, because of the pandemic, the dynamics shifted to focus more on regional leagues. This trend will probably carry over to 2021 as well, making local leagues even more popular. There is the possibility of regional format outgrowing global leagues even after the lift of restrictions. However, this is a prediction that might take place after 2021.