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Early Gene Roddenberry Series ‘The Lieutenant’ to Air on getTV

Drama Originally Aired on NBC in the 1963-64 TV Season

Prior to “Star Trek,” Gene Roddenberry created a military-themed drama called “The Lieutenant,” which aired on NBC in the 1963-64 season (opposite variety hours “Hootenanny” on ABC and “The Jackie Gleason Show” on CBS). It starred Gary Lockwood as USMC Second Lieutenant William Rice, and Robert Vaughn as Rice’s company commander Captain Raymond Rambridge, who find trouble and corruption festering among fellow soldiers and superiors, alike, at fictional Camp Pendleton. And it will be presented on nostalgia network getTV every Wednesday in April at 8 p.m. ET. Four episodes will air each Wednesday.

One episode of “The Lieutenant,” in particular, which featured Dennis Hopper and Nichelle Nichols (and was titled “To Set it Right”) was what inspired Roddenberry in his future work.

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