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Earning Money with Arbitrage Betting

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Nowadays, many sports fans spend money at bookmakers with the hope of winning something. However, most bettors end up losing money, because almost all existing betting strategies are ineffective.

However, there are some players who manage to get a steady income from betting, thanks to the arbitrage betting strategy.

What is arbitrage betting?

Arbitrage betting (arbs betting, surebets) are the calculated situations that occurs in sports betting. Thanks to them, you can bet on the opposite results of an event and get a guaranteed income no matter how the match ends.

Often these situations are arises due to the fact that many bookmakers do not have the time to react quickly to the events of a particular match and are slow to change the odds.

In addition, the cause of surebets is the elemental competition between bookmakers, which encourages the overestimation of their odds. They are also often due to mistakes by a particular bookmaker.

Types of surebets

Currently, we can divide surebets in relation to several parameters; for example, by number of results and by the start of the event.

By the number of results:

  • 2 outcomes (the simplest and most common surebets);
  • 3 results (more difficult bets to carry out);
  • 4 results or more (this type of surebets arises very rare).

By the start of the event:

  • Prematch (occurring in events that starts after a certain amount of time);
  • Live (occurs in events that take place now, in real time).

Surebet: a clear example with calculation

Probability 1: AH1 (-1.5) = @1.82, AH2 (+1.5) = @2.19

Probability 2: AH1 (-1.5) = @2.10, AH2 (+1.5) = @1.86

Here are the odds for one of the MLS League matches from two different bookmakers. To be more precise, the odds for the winning teams with Asian handicaps.

Obviously, these odds mean nothing to a normal bettor, but a professional arber will immediately realize that the results AH2 (+1.5) from Bookmaker 1 and AH1 (-1.5) from Bookmaker 2 form a surebet, because the odds are higher. to 2.0. This means that by placing bets on these two outcomes simultaneously, the player will receive a profit regardless of the outcome of the match.

Find out more arbitrage betting examples and the calculation here.

Eg. if we bet 200$ in total, we’ll get: 100$*2.19 = 219$; 100*2.10 = 210$, and it means 19$ or 10$ of net income.

Today we have shown you an example of the simplest arbitrage situation that, in general, is quite rare exist. In fact, it takes a lot of time to make this search independently, and quite a bit of skill to calculate them quickly and accurately.

That is why many arbers prefer to use scanners (for example, BetBurger), which not only take care of the entire process of finding sure bets, but also significantly simplify the work with arbitration situations.

BetBurger SureBet Scanner

Currently, BetBurger is the unconditional leader in surebets service area, since it analyzes more than 200 bookmakers.

The scanner calculates the results of the different bookmakers and displays the data obtained in an easy to interpret table. The arber only need to select the bet according to the settings and then place it with a single click.

In addition, BetBurger allows you to place Live and Prematch arbitrage bets on more than 40 kinds of sports. The software is also allow you to get information on value bets and middles, which are quite popular among punters.


As we have mentioned in this article, surebets are a very effective strategy if you want to beat bookmakers and earn money.

However, in order to get profit with this strategy, you have to learn how to find and calculate the different arbitrage situations, and then work with them in the best way. BetBurger scanner wil obviously help you on this.