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Easy Techniques to Earn Quick Money Online in 2020


Having lost a lot of jobs in the past few months people have been struggling to find the best job for themselves. Most people in the corporate world have lost the job they have been for a long time now. Now everyone is looking for some substitute job, but the problem is due to worldwide lockdown it is not possible to go to the office to do a fulltime job. Moreover, the hiring of the employee is comparatively lesser than usual.

Hence there is a greater shift from the regular corporate job towards the digital world of online income. Due to lock down and pandemic spread people have been staying back at home for the longest time and they have found out all-new ways of earning money through online activities, which we will discuss here.

There are various online sources of income. First, we will discuss the most widely used ones because even now there is the scope of large involvement in such income.

Bitcoin Trading

When the entire world has been struck down by the pandemic, you must have been getting the news of the bitcoin billionaires in the bitcoin community. To your surprise, imagine during such a recession when many of us are not being able to sustain some money for our daily essential, some people are becoming bitcoin billionaire, isn’t that a surprise enough?

All thanks to their brain which they used in the correct time and even now it is not yet late, you can still be a part of this billionaire community by investing in the correct time. All you need to do is either buy bitcoin and hold on or you can also trade to get the correct benefits of the bitcoin.

Get an account in any of the bitcoin trading software or any robot and spend the minimum amount to bu a bitcoin, you have the opportunity to buy your favorite bitcoin and hand it over to your trading bot to invest it whenever required or there is also another safe way, to hold the bitcoin. You can simply buy bitcoin and hold it unless the price rises. Once the price is high you can sell it off and in return, you will get some bulk amount of money. This is a time taking procedure but worth enduring when you know you are going to get enough money.

Take Online Classes

Due to the pandemic lockdown, most of the schools and the private tutors had to shut down classes but that cannot stop you from earning. If you have the internet at home, start taking online classes through any video calling application. Since the lockdown has hit everyone, maybe you could consider the payment. Take half fees or discount some amount from the regular fees this will also help you to get some extra students than usual.

If you have a laptop or a desktop then you can start with the online classes soon. Even if you just have a smartphone, you can start taking online classes. There are various facilities in various application, you can also share your screen and make you the student understand the lesson.

Sell Products

Another way of earning quick money online is through selling products. But first, you must do research on what kind of products you will sell. You can look for trending products such as jewelries, smartwatches, athleisure, etc. and choose which product would be the most profitable for you. Selling products online can be really successful if you know the right product your target market wants.


This facility is always available even when you are not even employed, use your skill, and do freelancing. If you know to write, then write and give freelancing services. With freelancing, it is very quick to earn money, you can get paid for each assignment. So look for companies who are looking for freelancers and either work throughout the day and earn more or you can also work for two hours a day and earn some extra money.