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Easy Ways to Increase the Growth of Followers on Social Media Accounts

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If you think you’re running your multiple social media platforms the right way and still not gaining followers as much as you expected. The goal is to get more followers on Instagram and other social media platforms. The good news: you’ve landed on the right page. Unlike the other guides that you’ve been reading for so long, I will provide you with the easiest and free ways to increase the potential reach and your influence on social media accounts. While we’re on it, Twitch growth by Streamupgrade can also help you target and attract followers organically on your Twitch account. Try it for free, and you won’t regret it! 

You can also buy followers from UseViral. But now let’s focus on other ways you can increase the number of your followers organically, no matter what platform you use.

Be consistent

Sometimes it can be frustrating if you post on your social media platforms and you still don’t see growth in your followers. Trust me, if you have opted to post on the topics of your interest neither will you get bored nor will you stop posting. And if you still get demotivated for some reason, your every effort will be worthwhile. Because the more content you post, more the chances you will have for increased engagement and therefore it will help you get more followers.

Identify your audience

Be it Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook all provide you with deep insights about your current followers. It tells the location, interests, age group, gender, and more about your audience. If you observe this every time you post content, you will be able to tailor your content according to the audience the next time for increased engagement.

Use the appropriate hashtags

Twitter and Instagram are the kings of hashtags. Most of the users like to search or click on the hashtags for whatever they are searching. To use the appropriate hashtags, you can search what others are using for the similar content that you are going to post. This way your hashtags will be relevant to your content and they will more likely follow you for your content.

Self-promote your social media accounts for free

In case you have more than one social media accounts, they can be very beneficial for you. Let’s say you have more followers on Instagram as compared to Twitter, you can ask your Instagram followers to follow you on Twitter and vice versa.

Also, if you are running some sort of contest or giveaway, you can mention in your rules that they must be following your social media accounts to enter the giveaway. It is free of cost and the chances are that you’ll see a rise in your followers.

Engage with your audience

Let’s say a social media user stumbled on your account and became a follower of yours. They will unconsciously go through the comments as well, just to see how much you care about your followers and your point of view. If they see that you actually reply as compared to the other pages, they will think that it’s worthwhile to follow you because whatever queries they will have regarding a specific issue they can easily ask you. This can help captivate the users and you can gain new followers.