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ECLBET Malaysia – My Review as A User

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Last Chinese New Year, I did not return to my hometown. I decided to forgo braving the hours-long traffic and the endless “when are you getting married” questions. I chose to spend the quiet days in the city playing online casino games instead of playing blackjack with my cousins. I have to say that the elders weren’t particularly happy with my absence this year. 

However, if I hadn’t chosen to stay back in town this CNY, I wouldn’t have discovered a really good online casino called ECLBet. I must have been living under a rock, because I later found out that ECLBet has been around for at least 5 years now and is one of the top online gambling websites in South East Asia. If you’re a fan of online betting, don’t be ignorant like me and check ECLBet out now. 

Generous bonuses, cashbacks and every kind of reward

ECLBet’s advert popped up when I was searching for online betting tips. It caught my attention when it mentioned that anyone signing up as an ECLBet member on its website will receive a 120% welcome deposit bonus. That sounded too good to be true, yet I didn’t want to lose such an opportunity if it turned out to be a real deal, so I entered their website to find out more about ECLBet. There, I learnt that besides the 120% welcome bonus which I did receive in my account when I joined later, ECLBet also offered other irresistible perks:

  • daily first deposit bonuses
  • daily rebates
  • cashback for all games
  • up to RM1,888 birthday bonus
  • up to RM1,888 upgrade bonus

Legal and licensed online casino

“Why so generous? It sounds dodgy”, you may be thinking. Hold your thoughts, because ECLBet is one of the few online casinos I know that is licensed. Registered in the year 2017, ECLBet is based in Malaysia where it has a steady following from around the South East Asian region. 

If being licensed and regulated aren’t enough, ECLBet wants to do more by aiming for transparency. When I gamble online on ECLBet, I can have peace of mind that the games are played openly and fairly. I like the Leader Board in particular, where any game’s winners are listed. 

Tonnes of betting games by the best suppliers

So what use are the generous bonuses and reputation, if they don’t have good and varied online casino games right? I have switched from my former favourite online casino to ECLBet for a month now, and I have only been tried out about 10% of ECLBet’s games. That’s how wide the range of ECLBet’s games are. There are prediction games, live casino games, slot games, eSports games, 4D lottery and number games produced from the best suppliers in the region such as Game Play, Playtech, Maxbet, Dream Gaming, Dreamtech and Gamatron.

By having the best quality games, it is needless to say that the user experience is fantastic. The graphics are crisp and the loading speed is on point. It is very easy to be immersed in the games for long stretches of time, just as you would in a live casino, because it definitely feels as though you are in one. 

Cryptocurrency is accepted as deposits

Creating my account and placing my first deposit was a breeze. I made a transfer from my local bank account for this placement, and was impressed to see that ECLBet also accepts cryptocurrency. I don’t know of any other online casino that does. It is still early for me to perform a withdrawal yet but I’ve heard that withdrawals can be completed in as fast as 30 minutes. That’s surely a plus point for someone who is eager to cash out his winnings!

I am happy enough with my gambling experience on ECLBet that it is now the sole online casino that I visit. I am sure that as I spend more time exploring the expanding range of games, I will be even more impressed to recommend ECLBet to my friends.