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Eco-Friendly Electric Scooter and Kickboards

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Climate change is now the hottest issue that requires attention from nation to nation and individual to individual. Among sources causing serious pollution, existing fossil fuel-powered mobility is a key reason worsening the environment, especially air quality. The whole world is cautiously keeping both eyes on finding a sustainable mobility solution for this. At this point, eco-electric vehicles and kickboards, no longer for kids, have become more popular than ever. Besides the benefits of being economical, these e-solutions are appreciated for their help for our environment while using. This is why companies like Rollboys (find at with a sharp focus on electric scooters and kickboards are making this industry blooming. ‘This article will go over some main benefits of electric vehicles to the environment. 

What are conventional and electric-powered vehicles? 

Conventional vehicles: transports that use fossil fuel like gasoline, diesel, etc. to power the engines of cars, trucks, motorbikes, etc. No one can deny its huge benefits to human beings, performing mobility most quickly and conveniently than ever. However, its footprint on our environment is very much costly. It is one of the main reasons for global warming and bad air quality. This is because while using, it will release CO2 (carbon dioxide) and various greenhouse gases which turn the world hotter. 

The more fossil fuel is burnt, the more global warming rises. Gasoline/diesel-powered vehicles also cause a serious impact on soil, air, and water quality. N20 or Nitrous oxide, their product, may cause severe harm to the ozone layer and increase the risk of being exposed to the sun with its ultraviolet radiation; and more. Above all, human health is under direct deadly consequences because we eat, use and drink polluted water, food and breath in dirty air full of fumes and particulate matter. In polluted areas, it is common to see residents with hard breath symptoms, lung and blood conditions, chest pains, etc. 

These ugly results make the conventional vehicle has worsened its position in the transport market. It is time authorities should think of other alternative mobility solutions daily and limit the frequency of using gas-powered vehicles. One of the wise choices that companies and markets are urgent to implement is to promote electric scooters. 

Electric vehicles or EVs: Electric transports are those that are powered by electricity to activate its movement from one place to another. Specifically, electric scooters or kickboards are fitted with a board and attached wheels. Specifically, this board will store electricity in a rechargeable battery (mostly lithium-ion) and activate the scooters along with the distance. These are powered by electric motors, so an electric scooter and an electric motorcycle are interchangeably called.

The electric scooters run by rechargeable batteries mounted on the vehicles, while moving, the battery provides electricity and activates the scooter via a tiny wires network. The ideal range of traveling is suggested to be 10 – 40 miles. In terms of structure, an electric scooter contains various parts such as batteries, brakes, handlebars, light, motor, controller, reflector, etc.

Electric vehicles like electric scooters and kickboards are drawing much attention from teenagers and active adults because it is fun to ride, portable and requires little maintenance, cost-effective, etc. Above this, one of its amazing benefits is its footprint on our vulnerable environment.

How do Rollboys’ products help our environment?

Little emission and eco-friendly: EVs are highly beneficial to the environment because they emit no CO2 or fumes poisoning the air, which enables inhibition of greenhouse emissions. In reality, electric scooters are not necessarily totally free of gas emissions after use, however, that amount of e-scooters are too little compared to the huge amount of greenhouse from cars or trucks releasing into the environment. 

Electric scooters and kickboards are on the recommended list for use due to their ecological advantages which are strongly believed to contribute to slow down global warming. Additionally, the batteries of e-scooters if made from using renewable energy may benefit double, triple, or more to the ecology. 

Air pollution-free: For big cities, electric scooters or kickboards are promoted for commuting. Playing back to the rush hours, you can see how cars and other public transports worsen the air by its dense fumes. In contrast, e-scooters, not only save space on the road but also excel at improving air quality by not creating any fumes into the air. Clean air is proven to improve health and wellness, physically and mentally.

Less noise pollution: Because electric scooters/ kickboards run by electricity so they rarely make noise and quieter than others. No noise while riding also means that the riders can guard themselves against dangerous noise from other cars or other vehicles approaching them on the road. More than that, they partly help reduce the noise levels in the cities, crowded areas, or residential areas. In case you do not know, noise pollution can lead to serious diseases of ear conditions and mental health

Shared e-scooters: This is a vital aspect of how e-scooters are used and shared within the community to avoid excessive purchases and abundant fumes emitted like individual cars or motorbikes. In big cities like Portland and San Francisco, researchers found that more than 30% of the trips of its dwellers use e-scooters instead of walking or riding cars, and the percentage of other biking transport are prevailing over public buses. Remarkably, the number of shared electric scooters for short-distance travel reaches almost 40% in some cities. 

Final thoughts

While emission of mobility has been increasing and contributing to more than 20 percent of CO2 emission and leading to air pollution across nations. Electric vehicles (short for EVs) are having their fame as a viable approach in bettering the situation that the human race is facing right now. With such an advanced idea toward green mobility solutions, the company Rollboys and its product lines are promising to turn its idea from temporary and fun vehicles into a future necessity. E-scooters and kickboards are now no longer for kids but are considered eco-friendly vehicles that need scalability across the world.