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In recent years, e-commerce has reached a new level and gained high popularity among large, medium and small businesses. This is due to the rapid digitalization and transition to Internet sites. Keeping pace with this progress is essential to keeping up with the competition and securing a place in the leadership ranks. The e-commerce niche has jumped ahead faster in just the past couple of years than it did a full decade before.

You can also add to this the situation at the moment with the pandemic. People do not want to leave home again, so they switch to the Internet to solve their previous tasks, such as shopping, buying food and drinks, delivering flowers and gifts to the address, and so on. The ecommerce development agency will help you learn about the changes in the world, which will allow business owners to keep abreast of the latest trends and understand how to act correctly in modern conditions.

TOP-12 current trends in the world of ecommerce

To increase the brand’s popularity and trust in the target audience, it is necessary to give them more opportunities and privileges. Ecommerce development helps with this. Let’s talk about its key trends today:

  1. Environment protection. This is a global problem that everyone must solve. The “health” of nature depends on people, business, companies. So, ecology has become a trend of our time. To increase customer confidence in themselves, businesses need to prove their commitment to environmental protection. This can be done through the introduction of safe production methods into the business. For example, some companies use biodegradable packaging and manufacturing methods that do not use paper. Today everyone wants to know how their purchase affects nature.
  2. Attracting a global consumer base. Another trend of 2021-22. Today, almost every business is trying to go beyond the borders of their country, distributing their product to the whole world. This brings benefits to both parties: the business gets wider consumer reach, while customers get more choice.
  3. Interactive video and photo content. This is a visual demo of the site. Consumers can visually and quickly select products, ordering them by photo or video materials. Interactive tools are represented by polls, quizzes, contests, webinars, and so on.
  4. Advertising via social networks. In recent years, companies have been actively connecting social networks such as Facebook and Instagram to their businesses. This allows to reach a very wide audience. This is understandable, because social networks have swallowed the whole world today.
  5. Using chat bots. With their help, customers interact with the company. You can order the delivery of food and drinks, make an appointment with a beautician or other specialist.
  6. Voice input function. Shopping via voice commands simplifies the lives of customers and reduces time losses.
  7. Personal service. An individual approach increases customer confidence.
  8. User’s content. Today, customers are more likely to purchase products under which there are reviews from buyers. This helps the first ones to select the highest quality and the safest product from the entire range.
  9. Augmented reality. Detailed visualization of goods. There are used large format photographs, images, drawings, layouts, and so on. Buyers also shoot videos and much more, regarding 3D format, visualization, augmented reality.
  10. Moving to a mobile audience. Companies are trying to launch a mobile version in parallel with the maintenance of the website.

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