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8 Drag and Drop Email Builders Everyone Should Know About

Properly organized email marketing allows for building long-term relationships with the client and increases user loyalty and sales. The email that the user receives is one of the popular marketing tools. It can be produced from scratch (however, this requires CSS and HTML knowledge) or using an email template builder. As practice shows, HTML email template builder usually operates on the drag-and-drop email workflows principle.

Read below why you should pay attention to – Responsive Email Templates and what their advantages over others available online are.

Why Use an Email Template Builder?

Pay attention that the free email template builder is a helpful tool that allows producing email templates for successful online campaigns. Among the reasons for its use, we can highlight the following:

  • Saving own time. Due to the help of the online email template builder, you may arrange original templates quickly and efficiently without involving many people to work;
  • Ready-to-use designs. Finished templates just need to be modified to fit your needs;

  • Compatibility with most email clients ensures that the letter will look the same for every recipient and all design elements will be displayed properly;
  • Easy collaboration. Many template builders provide co-editing so that the entire team can participate in the creation of design;
  • Easy access. Original ready-made templates can be used around the clock from any modern device.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Email Template Builder

To select the most useful and reliable email template builder free, take into account the following criteria:

  • Number and price of available templates;
  • Ability to change templates or create them from scratch;
  • Comprehensible interface;
  • Adaptability;
  • Integration with mail services.

Quick Functionality Overview of the Best Email Template Builders

Pay attention to the following list:

  1. Stripo.Email. This service allows generating email templates based on the drag-and-drop technique. Users can find 300 templates and many interesting images;

  1. SendPulse represents free templates on various topics, with which you can generate mailing for your clients;
  2. Chamaileon drag and drop email template builder has approximately 200 unique email templates. User creations can be exported to several ESPs;
  3. BEE Free & BEE Pro. This template builder has both free and paid versions available. A ready-to-use template can be quickly downloaded in an HTML file;
  4. Postcards differs from others in high-quality HTML code and unique design;
  5. offers users the opportunity to make trendy emails with responsive layouts;
  6. Unlayer gives everyone the ability to produce exclusive templates from scratch;
  7. MailerSend is a tool developed specifically for generating and sending emails for e-commerce and SaaS.

Creating an attention-grabbing mailing is easy today, thanks to helpful template builders. Use the best one, such as Stripo.Email and run efficient email campaigns!