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England in the Finals of Euro 2020

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England is making history for the very first time since 1966, when they won in the final against German in the World Cup by 4-2. Now once again, they see themselves in the Euro Final against Italy. The game will take place on July 11th. We believe that it will be one of the most awaited games by the public in football history. So, we recommend everyone to place bets on this game, you still have time, there are many sports bet websites where you could do this, 22Bet is one of them, where you just need to sign up and make your 22bet login or if you prefer, you may choose other websites according to your taste. 

Last week England beat Denmark in a very controversial game due to a penalty that the majority of people say that was given to England, some football adepts are asking for a rematch between the teams. 

England never won the European Championship so this is their very first major final in the past 55 years. Between past World Cups and European Championships, England were at least in the 5 semi-finals.

It’s coming home, probably is one of the quotes that you hear everyday during this time of Tournament between the britishes. But what does this expression mean? 

It means that this championship prize will come to England? No, behind this expression, there is some history which we will tell you in the next paragraphs. But apart from history, football belongs to everyone, so that quote has caused some controversies and annoyed some people. But let’s get into the history of football.

This chant takes us back to 1966, 55 years ago when the Three Lions (England), won their very first and the last till now World Cup. The expression “It’s coming home” derives from a song which is famous and beloved by all british people, the song is called (Football’s Coming Home), done by David Baddiel, Frank Skinner and the Lightning Seeds. This song was released for the very first time during Euro 1996.

That means in simple words that a major championship is being played in England. And because football with today’s name and rules was invented in Great Britain. 

There may exist some similar sports in the past that we could call the earliest forms of football, for example “Cujo”, which was played in China in the era of the Han dynasty, from 206 BC to 220 AD. The translation of the word “Cujo” is “Kick the Ball”, where the rules were to put the ball on a net and there were rules that forbid touching the ball with hands. There was also a game called “episkyros”, which was similar to football in Greece. 

So where does it all lead us? It means that if England win Euro Championship,  “football” will come home, because they haven’t won any major Tournament since 1966, in other words, the national team didn’t brough any Cup back home, since they invented football as it is.

In this Euro Championship, we could say that England has all the tools to win the final. For the simple fact that the match against Italy will be at home, in Wembley, they will have massive support from the british people in the Stadium. Like it happened in 1966 where England won the World Cup in White City Stadium in west London.

That means this match is 100% secure? Far from yes, the answer is no. Italy is in the Euro 2020 on the lead to occupy the 1th place on the ranking where England is on the 8th position. This ranking is based on their performance during all matches till now. So it will not be an easy match. The Italian football history is strong, they won 4 world cups and one Euro Championship in 1968.  

Even with all the tools to win this match, England must give their 100% of the strength if they want to win. The question now is, we make this up to you, which team will you support? Prepare your bets and see if “it’s coming home” or to Rome, we didn’t mention but Italy also claims that football was invented by them under the name “Calcio” but that’s a story for another article.