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Eric Zuley – Showcasing the Wonders of Enthusiasm Through His Versatile Endeavors

“The real secret to success is enthusiasm.”

– Walter Chrysler-An American Industrial Pioneer

Let’s take a moment to understand the importance of enthusiasm. Genuine enthusiasm can be an influential driving force. It ignites our spirits and propels us forward in the right direction. Enthusiasm, when merged with entrepreneurship, gives birth to new and creative ventures. Genuine enthusiasm is a practical resource, and unleashing it at the right time can make a difference in creating opportunities and accomplishing goals.

Why is maintaining enthusiasm crucial for entrepreneurs? Possessing a significant amount of optimism from the beginning is essential, as running a business involves taking risks. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs make inspiring leaders as they create visions that attract support and take shape. And when enthusiastic entrepreneurs enter the entertainment world, they create striking differences, just like Eric Zuley has been doing for the past two decades.

A TV and Film personality, Eric Zuley strives to be the best in the business. Being a talented actor and model, Zuley aims to perceive his goal even under unconventional and unfavorable conditions. Over the years, several media publications have regarded him as one of the world’s top ten social media influencers. Zuley articulates his motive by quoting, “My ultimate goal is to put a new light on the Hollywood sign.”

Zuley began his showbiz career as a red-carpet host. He has conducted several interviews with notable celebrities, which led him to establish his own talk show, The EZ Show. The show was prominent in the 1990s. The EZ Show would bring the top celebrities and influencers from film, television, business, charity, and music to discuss their current projects and passions. The show was a joint project by Zuley and Pepper Jay Productions company.

Zuley is a multilayered and versatile personality. He has acted in many prestigious and popular movies. He has showcased his acting skills in various films, including The Perfect Prank and Ladron, directed by Damion Chappa, where he shared the screen with actor Jeff Conway. Zuley has also acted alongside renowned actors such as Vivica A. Fox, Cuba Gooding Jr., Big Boy, and Noel G from Training Day with Denzel Washington. Moreover, Zuley has experience as a producer, adding to his adaptability in the industry. Zuley has graced the covers of several publications, including Rock Thiz Magazine, The Bizness Magazine, and Hollywood Weekly Magazine, which distributed over 250,000 copies in 7/11 and Barnes & Noble.

Zuley is known for his breakthrough branding strategies. To honor his talent, the President of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA), Jarvee Hutcherson, named an award after Eric Zuley. The higher authorities of Los Angeles approved the award, officially called the “EZ Achievement Award.” 

Photo courtesy: – the first recipient of the EZ Achievement Award was Larry Namer in 2012. He is a former Co-Founder of E! Entertainment Television and is now the founder of Metan Development Group in China.

Zuley is the recipient of many distinguished awards for his multi-dimensional career. In 2011, he received the Robert Novak Award, signed by Congressman Brad Sherman and Congresswoman Judy Chu, and supported by former Mayor of LA, Antonio Villaraigosa. 

Zuley donates to several charities that help children and animals, including Angels of East Africa, Covenant House, American Cancer Society, and Choc Children’s Foundation. He is also an official of the Think and Grow Rich Institute affiliate, endorsed and sponsored by the Napoleon Hill Foundation and The Hill Family.

This brings us to the conclusion that when enthusiastic people are given opportunities, they shine like Eric Zuley. He displays charisma, tenacity, and savvy marketing skills, setting the foundation for his integrated talents. Zuley is an exceptional media person, and his career comprises several ventures like acting, modeling, and hosting. He is a successful entrepreneur and a Universal Peace Ambassador for over 180 countries under the Universal Peace Federation.