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Escape From Tarkov Tips for 2020

Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore shooter MMO and this means you’ll spend plenty of time screaming at your screen if you don’t master your skills! Here are our top tips for playing Escape From Tarkov in 2020.

Combat Tips

Unless you’re playing in Scav mode, then don’t run and gun! EFT isn’t a mindless shooter game where there are no consequences for dying. This game is ruthless! If you die, you lose all of your gear and weapons so the worst thing you can do is run into a fight without thinking. With that in mind, here are some combat tips to turn you from a bumbling rookie to a killing machine.

● Fight tactically – If you see enemy players grouped up and they haven’t spotted you, don’t just start shooting. Track them and pick them off as they disperse.
● Know when to challenge – If you start taking shots but can’t see where they’re coming from, don’t just start shooting and hope for the best. Take cover and hide.
● Play to your advantages – If you have a long-range weapon and you can see an enemy with a short-range weapon, increase your distance and play to your advantage.
● Change location when taking cover – If you’re engaged in a fight and need to take cover to reload, don’t stay in that location. Move to somewhere else so you can engage the enemy from a different location. If you stay in the same spot, the enemy knows exactly where to keep shooting.
● Pay attention to audio cues – Listening to your surroundings is paramount. Every time you make a noise you are alerting an enemy to your location.
● Ammo is everything – Unlike other shooter games, it’s not just all about the gun. You can use the best gun in the game, but if you’re not using good ammo, then you can lose to someone with a worse gun but better ammo. Learn which ammo you should use for the guns you use the most.
● Carry a splint at all times – If you break your leg, you’ll need to use a splint to heal your leg and carry on.

Loadout Tips

● Gear fear – Don’t just let items clog up your inventory. Gear fear is a real issue in EFT. If you loot some awesome gear from an enemy, you need to use it or lose it. When we say lose it, we mean to sell your gear for EFT Roubles currency.
● Create loadouts based on maps – Before you equip a loadout, think about what map you’re playing and whether those weapons or gear are the best fit for the map.
● Insurance – Get insurance for your gear and items. This means that if you die and no one loots your gear, you will get it back. This protects you from losing gear to Scav NPCs.

Roubles, Flea Market and Trading

● Search for relevant items in the Flea Market – There is a wealth of weapon attachments in EFT and knowing which items go with which guns can be difficult, especially for a new player. To get around this, you can right-click on an item slot for a weapon and perform a linked search. This will search for compatible items on the Flea Market.
● Kill Scavs – Kill every Scav you come across and loot them for roubles and items to sell.

Map Tips

● Learn the maps – Map awareness is super important! You need to learn the Scav spawn points, extraction points, areas with decent loot, and so on. Play offline to learn the maps without risking your gear. You can also watch videos of other players to familiarize yourself with the layout.
● Scav runs are great for learning the map!
● The customs map is a great map for beginners.
General Tips
● If you’re a new player, then follow the quests to get a better feel for the game and how it works. This will help familiarize yourself with the map and game mechanics.
● Strip your guns and sell the parts to different traders. You can make more money stripping your guns and selling items separately to different traders than you would selling the gun whole.

That completes our tips. Have fun and kill some enemies, soldier!