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Essential Questions to Ask on a College Tour: Questions to Help You Choose the Right College

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Visiting a college campus is an exciting opportunity to gather firsthand information about the school and get a feel for the environment. Knowing what to ask on a college tour can help you make informed decisions when it comes to how to choose colleges. Here’s a list of essential questions to ask during your college tours:

1. Academics

  • How accessible are professors outside of class?
  • What is the average class size?
  • Are there research opportunities for undergraduate students?
  • What are the most popular majors offered?
  • What resources are available for academic support?

2. Campus Life

  • What clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities are available?
  • How are the campus food and dining options?
  • What is the campus like on weekends? Do most students stay on campus or go home?
  • How is campus safety and security?
  • What types of on-campus events and traditions take place throughout the year?

3. Housing and Residential Life

  • What types of housing options are available for freshmen and upperclassmen?
  • How are roommates selected?
  • Are there any themed or living-learning communities?
  • What amenities and resources are available in the residence halls?

4. Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • What types of financial aid and scholarships are available?
  • What is the process for applying for financial aid?
  • What is the average financial aid package for students?
  • Are work-study opportunities available on campus?

5. Support Services

  • What academic advising resources are available to students?
  • Are there any tutoring or writing centers available?
  • What resources are available for students with disabilities?
  • How does the college support mental health and well-being?

6. Career Services and Internships

  • What resources does the career center offer to help students find internships and jobs?
  • Are there any on-campus job fairs or networking events?
  • How does the college connect students with alumni for networking opportunities?
  • What is the college’s job placement rate after graduation?

7. Study Abroad Opportunities

  • What study abroad programs are available?
  • Can financial aid be applied to study abroad programs?
  • How does the college support students during the study abroad process?

8. Seek Guidance from a College Admissions Counselor

A college admissions counselor can provide valuable insights, guidance, and support throughout the college selection process. IVY’D College Admissions Consulting offers personalized services to help you choose the best college for your needs and goals.

By asking these essential questions during your college tour, you’ll gain valuable insights into the campus environment, resources, and culture. This information will help you make informed decisions as you navigate the complex process of how to choose colleges. Remember, the best college for you is the one that meets your academic, social, and financial needs, and provides an environment where you can thrive. Happy touring!