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eToroX vs Coinbase: Comparing the Key Aspects

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In case you search for the best crypto exchange on the Internet, you will see hundreds of ratings compiled by varied platforms and experts. However, you will hardly find a definite answer to your request. Instead, you are supposed to explore and compare the leading platforms and make a final choice on your own. So, in this article, we will help you with researching Coinbase and eToroX.

To find out which of them suits your trading style and goals best, we offer you to compare the most prominent features of both eToroX vs Coinbase.


  •         28 cryptocurrencies supported;
  •         trading fees — 1%;
  •         in the case of small volumes, trading commissions are lower on this very source;
  •         a minimum deposit — $50;
  •         no account, deposit, inactivity commissions;
  •         bank/card withdrawal commissions — $5;
  •         copy trading for those who lack experience for independent trading;
  •         passive staking;
  •         indicators and drawing tools for effective market analysis;
  •         a demo account;
  •         licensed in Gibraltar;
  •         two-factor authentication;
  •         no security problems in a record;
  •         bigger bonuses from a referral program;
  •         no other promos;
  •         support is available on weekdays only.


  •         a much wider selection of coins — 170;
  •         maker/taker fees — 0–0.5%;
  •         a minimum deposit — $25;
  •         account, deposit, inactivity fees are not charged;
  •         card/bank transfer withdrawing commissions — 1.49%/3.99%;
  •         passive income from staking;
  •         an educational program that provides up to $32 of bonuses (in coins);
  •         no indicators are available;
  •         high liquidity;
  •         no demo account;
  •         regulated in 45 American states;
  •         2FA authentication;
  •         a hacking attack in 2021 — 6000 profiles were harmed;
  •         special promos for the first trade, completing a training program, etc.;
  •         a referral program;
  •         24/7 customer support.

In sum, there isn’t the only true conclusion on which of the two platforms is more advantageous. So, if you are interested in cryptocurrency solely and, especially, need access to exotic coins, your choice would be Coinbase as it is targeted at this specific market. Meanwhile, eToroX is a more preferable option for those who want to combine Forex and crypto trading. For that, one needs to register with eToro and get access to major cryptocurrencies via eToroX as a bonus. Furthermore, this platform provides copy trading opportunities, which allow earning without any profound knowledge in an automated mode. Besides, it suits day trading more. Its fees are higher than those on Coinbase if a trader operates large volumes. But, when one is focused on small trades, it is more profitable to use eToroX.