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Eukhost Cloud Hosting: Best and Reliable for Business Websites

Eukhost is a leading UK web hosting business that specialises on giving its clients dependable and safe hosting solutions. In addition, Eukhost offers a wide range of services for companies, including website builders, domain registration, and customized WordPress solutions. 

The number of businesses joining the cloud revolution continues to increase. By the end of 2022, it is predicted that 69% of SMB workloads will take place in the public cloud and 67% of their data will be housed there. For businesses, in particular, cloud hosting is often needed to run websites. Finding the right cloud vendor to host a website, however, can be a challenge. Here, we look at eukhost, a UK-based company that brings together over 22 years of web hosting experience and a proven track record in delivering first-class managed cloud solutions. 

A managed solution

The first point of note about eukhost’s cloud services is that they are managed. This is ideal for businesses whose lack of in-house server management expertise has held them back. With eukhost managed cloud servers that expertise is provided for you by the host, which carries out the server management tasks, including updating operating systems and installing security patches, on your behalf. As a result, your company’s IT teams will have more time to focus on the business-oriented projects that drive your company forward.     

Reliable cloud for mission-critical websites

Going offline because of hardware issues can be extremely costly. eukhost, however, has effective measures in place to prevent this. With up-to-the-minute, high-speed hardware, including the latest Intel Xeon clusters and SSD drives, its architecture provides separation between storage and compute, enabling servers to float between physical hardware locations. This allows resources to be scaled and availability to be maintained even if there is a failure elsewhere in the network. 

If there is a failure, the company has four UK-based, ISO2000, ISO9001 and ISO27001-accredited data centres that feature highly secure, redundant and hyper-converged architecture. This redundancy is what protects customers’ cloud virtual machines from hardware and network failure. The company’s data centre facilities also feature diverse power, cooling and physical security measures for additional protection.

As a result, eukhost can provide 100% SLA uptime guarantees, ensuring that customers’ mission-critical websites can stay online all of the time. 

World-class support

eukhost has a long and proud record of providing exceptional technical support to customers. Available 24/7, every day of the year, businesses with limited in-house IT experience can rest assured that expert technicians are on hand whenever needed to assist with issues. The provider also offers a number of ways to get in touch, including online chat, telephone, ticket and email, providing the communications flexibility customers need in urgent situations. In addition, eukhost customers will find an extensive knowledgebase, a popular community forum and a constantly updated blog, which provide further help and information if needed. 


Easy scaling

Modern business websites have greater resource demands than ever before. They make increasing use of plugins, offer CX enhancing customer-facing tools, like product recommendation engines, gather huge amounts of data to map customer journeys and offer services like personalisation. It is no surprise then, that during busy periods or when crunching all that data, they need to scale up storage, CPU and RAM. At eukhost, this can be done at the click of a button with the added advantage that those additional resources are only charged for on a pay as you go basis. There is no need to upgrade to a larger product and once you have scaled back down again, those costs reduce. This makes eukhost cloud solutions both highly flexible and cost-effective, ideal for growing businesses that need to keep an eye on their IT budgets. 

High-performance websites 

Website speed has become vitally important, both in preventing user abandonment and in ensuring that slow loading and response times do not affect search engine ranking and negatively affect organic traffic. The Intel Xeon clusters and enterprise-class SSD storage provided by eukhost ensures that customers’ websites have the power needed to perform optimally even at the busiest of times. As a result, web pages will load quickly and sites will respond at speed to user interaction.

Enterprise-class security

The growing number and complexity of cyberattacks mean all businesses need to take security seriously to avoid hacking, malware and ransomware attacks and prevent data breaches. While much of this responsibility lies with individual companies, eukhost puts a great deal of effort into keeping your cloud server and its other infrastructure secure. 

It invests heavily in security expertise and, in partnership with industry leader Fortinet, provides the best in application-aware firewall technology with FortiGate. This means customers’ websites are protected by next-generation Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and In-Flow Virus Protection, which detects and isolates threats before they can reach your server. 

In addition, eukhost also offers business-class SSL certificates, email verification and encryption certificates (like SSL for email) and VPN.  

Backup and continuity with Veeam

To protect customers against data loss resulting from system failure, bad updates, ransomware, data corruption or human error, eukhost offers industry-leading Veeam backup solutions. These powerful services enable customers to schedule and automate the backing up of everything they need, even entire servers, at the frequency their business requires. Additionally, backups are protected using military-grade AES encryption, checked for integrity and replicated for double assurance. Being cloud-based also means you will not run out of backup storage. 

Best in class control panels

Good control panels can make a real difference when it comes to the ease at which you manage your website. Unlike many service providers, eukhost does not skimp or cut corners here as it offers both cPanel and Plesk, the industry leaders. cPanel is used for Linux based servers and is ideal for CMS websites, like WordPress, while Plesk is traditionally used for Windows servers and Windows-based websites – however, it can now be used with Linux too. 

Both cPanel and Plesk are exceptional control panels, featuring a wide range of management tools that enable users to carry out tasks with ease, such as one-click installation, DNS management, auto-updates, adding new domains and email addresses and much more. Ideal for business websites, these control panels are web-accessible with intuitive, user-friendly dashboards and in-built user help. 

Bespoke services

One of the best things about eukhost is that companies can tailor their cloud services for their own specific needs. This includes areas like management and support, security, performance and business continuity. 

Cost-effective bespoke management

While many of the server management tasks are carried out on your behalf as part of the service, the enterprise support team at eukhost is happy to create bespoke management solutions to meet a wider range of needs, such as ongoing system monitoring and round the clock server maintenance. While these expert-delivered services come with an additional cost, businesses that lack in-house experience will find them more useful and much less expensive than hiring third-party consultants that are unfamiliar with the eukhost systems. 

Bespoke security services 

Every business has different needs when it comes to security and compliance, and putting effective measures into place can be a long-winded and demanding task, especially when migrating to the cloud for the first time. To ensure robust security and reduce the burden on in-house staff, eukhost will design and implement a security policy that meets both your security needs and regulatory requirements, like GDPR. 

Optimal performance

To ensure you get the most from your eukhost cloud hosting, the service provider will work with customers to analyse their website and other applications in order to create a bespoke solution that is perfectly suited to their usage scenario. The great thing about this additional service is that it guarantees you get all the resources your website will need while ensuring cost-effectiveness. You will not be over-spending on services you will not need. 


The increasing size and sophistication of modern websites mean that the cloud is becoming a highly attractive environment in which to host them. When it comes to finding a cloud provider to host those websites, eukhost, the UK’s leading independent service provider, seems to have got its act together better than its big-name rivals and, in doing so, offers an ideal cloud solution for businesses.   

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