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Evan Rutchik: Empowering Leader of the Ad Tech Industry 

With an amplitude of creative skills, expertise, innovations, and business tactics, Evan Rutchik has carved a reputed and spectacular image for himself in the business industry. He has made an everlasting remark on the adtech industry through his boundless creativity, profound knowledge, and visionary thought leadership.  

The empowering leader of adtech, Evan Rutchik, has immensely contributed to the adtech world. Evan has played a significant role in amalgamating advertising technology in the growth of local businesses.  

In this blog we will explore Evan Rutchik’s professional accomplishments and immense contributions to advertising technology in the business industry. So, let’s start.  

About Evan Rutchik  

He is one of the renowned names that shines radiantly in New York. Evan Rutchik was born and raised in New York City. The city’s environment motivated him to succeed and shaped his objectives. Evan Rutchik’s New York voyage was full of encouraging things where he gained his educational qualifications and skills and expanded his range of vision. He is considered an adtech genius who knows the magic behind the working of ads on digital platforms. To explore more about the empowering leader of the adtech industry, Evan Rutchik. Look at his exclusive interview.  

Educational Accomplishments  


  • He has completed his dual Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Management from Syracuse University.   
  • He pursued his advertising degree from S.I. Newhouse School of Public, his communications degree at Syracuse, and his management degree from Whitman School of Management.  
  • His devotion to expanding his knowledge of adtech derives him to an M.B.A. in marketing finance and entrepreneurship from N.Y.U.’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business.    

Overview of his Professional Career  

  • Local Factor Group  

Recently, Evan Rutchik has been the C.E.O. of Local Factor Group. It elaborates on made-to-order advertising programs that influence expandable local factor I.D. data and premium localized media. Which focuses ads across Tablet, Mobile, Desktop, and C.T.V. By combining the power of both data and delivery, it can successfully create a localized audience that boosts the impact of media. Local factor group has assisted local businesses to expand through advertising technology.  

  • R.I.I. Ventures  

It’s an angel fund managed by Evan Rutchik that targets to fund innovative technology. R.I.I., Tech centric targets investing in revolutionary innovation and the creative minds behind each idea. R.I.I. Ventures invest in initial-stage technology-driven businesses that aim to improve people’s experience in life both at the local and global level  

  • Evan Rutchik New York  

He was born and raised in New York. The environment there shaped his objectives and desires to succeed. His New York journey is full of motivating things where he gained his skills and developed his horizons. The adtech expert founded Local Factor Group, a cross-platform advertising company devoted to helping businesses reach local audiences simply and effectively on digital platforms. Evan Rutchik’s New York business setup has assisted in expanding many new startup businesses through adtech.    

Charities and Non-Profits  

Evan Rutchik firmly believes in the power of education and proudly supports and funds non-profits and charities. He believes dreams become achievable goals when provided with the right tools and proper training.   

  • TEAL Walk:

Tell every amazing lady about ovarian cancer. The TEAL Walk fundraiser raises awareness and money for ovarian cancer research. The events celebrate ovarian cancer survivors’ courage and their families’ strength. Evan Rutchik believes that education is not only an empowering weapon but is also life-saving. TEAL Walk caters to preventing ovarian cancer by warning women about asymptomatic forms of cancer.  

  • Jimmy Fund: 

The Jimmy Fund’s mission is to enhance the possibility of survival for patients worldwide. The fund is famous for implying its efforts to increse  funds for cancer care and research whenever needed.  

  • Educational initiatives for the underprivileged: 

Evan Rutchik New York proudly supports organizations that empower disadvantaged children to study and broaden their horizons. Inadequacy of education, knowledge, and sources can restrict people in need from reaching their fullest potential.   

Final Verdict   

In final words, Evan Rutchik is a great personality and a genius in the adtech industry. He has significantly contributed to the adtech world. He also firmly believes in the power of education and devotedly supports nonprofits and charities. He has made an eternal mark on the advertising industry with his massive success in the adtech industry.