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Everything About Private Hire Taxi Insurance

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You can get very affordable private hire taxi insurance easily from many insurance service givers with flexibility in monthly pay policies and you can get it done with just one simple form.

How Is The Process And What Do They Do? The total insurance provides its users with a very simple and fast process in order to find a private hire taxi insurance. It just needs some details that you need to fill and your needs and you are good to go. They help in finding some specialist brokers who can help you get your policy requirements at cheaper rates. You have the freedom to choose the policy at the right time with the help of the broker of your choice.

Comparing Private Hire Taxi Insurance

Total insurance provides you with brokers that are experienced and who can help you get the cheapest insurance for the taxi that you own. However, if you otherwise choose the provider which turns out to be wrong then you might end up with expensive insurance, however, total insurance can help you prevent this problem. How much is taxi insurance depends on factors such as the driver’s age, driving history, location, type of vehicle, coverage options, and the level of risk associated with taxi driving. Additionally, the insurance provider’s policies, market conditions, and regulatory requirements can also influence the premium rates.”

What Do You Mean By Private Hire Insurance?

 In simple terms, this is a type of insurance policy which is for all the drivers who own a private taxi that usually gets pre-booked as and when needed by the client but before the time when it is required. Service like that of other cab services which work from some sort of taxi base is considered in this particular classification. All these are considered to be the ones that are concerned with public hire and insurance is related to public hire.

Explain The Different Levels That Are Covered By Private Hire

Similar to how other policies work, even hiring taxi insurance can be tailored completely as per your needs. It is possible that one driver may or may not work for you. Even privately hired taxi has a cover that is similar to taxi insurance only that it is pertaining to some hiring that is done by private drivers. However, you have the following options to ensure your taxi-

“TPO” Referred To As “Third-Party Only”

 It is considered to be basic level insurance that you can operate with the help of the driver of the taxi. This usually covers the people in the taxi and even someone else who might get injured during an accident that might have been caused by you.

 “TPFT” is Referred To As “Third-party, fire & theft”

 It is similar to the one mentioned above only that it also covers fire as well as theft of the vehicle.


 It is very similar to the cover mentioned above but it covers the driver concerned as well as the vehicle. The brokers that they provide can help you tailor the policy if you have certain specified requirements and that too at great prices.

What Can Be Some Of The Extra Things That You Can Do?

 As a person driving a taxi, unpredictability surrounds you and it is important that you take any additional covers that can suit your needs. Make sure you choose wisely. The options there for you as a driver of a taxi include –

“Insurance – Motor Legal”

 It is designed to save you by helping you with some amount of money to give you a cover legally. Things included in it are an injury that is caused to you, replacement in case of a damaged vehicle, and also any potential recovery of any loss that might be faced.

“Insurance – Taxi Breakdown”

 Breakdown of a vehicle can happen for many reasons which anyway remains unpredictable. It can be very devastating and a huge burden as it is the source of livelihood and if you have a taxi breakdown insurance can get you working as soon as possible.

Excess protection

 It covers any excess amounts that you might face in case you are hit by some uninsured driver and be helpful even when you are the one at mistake.

“Insurance – Public Liability”

It helps you cover and protect in case of any outrage or any demands by the public in case of some accident but it is legally required that you have a cover that allows you to carry passengers.

“Insurance – Taxi Fleet”

 In case you wish to get insured more than one taxi then you must go for this insurance.

Let’s Save Some Money

 If you are someone who does it for a living then it is essential legally to have insurance done. If a private hire taxi insurance costs you too much then to avail cheap private hire taxi insurance you can contact total insurance. Other than that other tips that can help reduce the cost can also help.

Start By Comparing Different Policies

 In recent times, people prefer to shop for the best deal that they can get and they do not stick to the same old insurer if it does not benefit them. You cannot just stick to one insurance-providing company for years as it may cost you a bomb. You should act smart by properly comparing the different deals on market in order to get the best one for you and your needs. If you are someone who cannot do it manually then you can go and visit the site of total insurance.

An ‘Any Driver’ Policy

The ‘Any Driver Fleet Insurance’ is a feature in an insurance policy that really raises the rates. It is basically done to see anyone capable of driving the car rather than just particularly naming you. This feature is not at all helpful for saving money and in fact, you may see yourself getting charged more and more.

Avoid Endorsements On Driving License

 In order to keep that private hire taxi insurance low, you need to keep that driving license clean as in with no points and free of any endorsements. This proves to the insurance companies that you are a careful and good driver and that you won’t be claiming too much or getting into accidents often.   You can easily contact total insurance to get everything done at the minimum and just sit back and relax.