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Everything You Need to Know About a Mid-Size Mobility Scooter

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Having to deal with large and more bulky mobility scooters can be a huge hustle. Luckily, Mid-Size mobility scooters solve many of these problems, making them a great choice to get around if you have limited mobility. 

Mid-Size Mobility Scooters are the perfect solution for moving with limited mobility because of their included features such as the ability to fold and options focused on your comfort. They can last up to 24h on a single charge, go faster and have better maneuverability when compared to standard models. Their smaller size makes their storing a simple task.

In the following article you’ll learn about mid-size mobility scooter’s main features and the reasons why they’re a great option.

Mid-Size Mobility Scooter General Features

Medium sized mobility scooters are better than other standard models for several reasons:

  • They have a great range capability, making them an ideal option if what you need is to go further distances. 
  • They include long-life batteries which can last up to 24 hours, giving them a longer charge extension than your standard mobility scooter. This makes it great for your day-to-day life. 
  • There are many accessories which are included in these scooters, focusing on a better and improved comfort.

Although there are many models for these types of scooters, it’s important to know that the one you plan to buy is from a legit manufacturer as to avoid any future problems. Forbes Health gives us an idea of good quality scooters to know which features can be included. 

Electric Mobility Scooter Batteries

It’s important to consider both battery use and power, depending on your daily needs:

  • Remember that an electric scooter’s battery has to be charged daily as a minimum. 
  • In the case that you don’t use your scooter too often, it’s possible for you scooter to remain charged for a few days.
  • Some  electric mobility scooters offer better energy efficiency which can extend their charge capacity.
  • You should never let your scooter’s battery go flat. 
  • Batteries come in all shapes and sizes and some having a larger charge capacity than others. The higher capacity, the longer the distance you can travel. 


When checking out different batteries, look for the Ah (amp-hour). This will tell you and the rating at which the scooter can produce in 20 hours. 

Mid-Size Mobility Scooter Pricing

Prices will always vary depending on the amount of features and compliments your scooter includes. When looking to buy a mid-size mobility scooter there are a couple of things to you should keep in mind:

    • Features over price: Some scooters include more features than others, so you need to think about what exactly you want and need out of your scooter, that is, consider what’s important over the price. 
    • It’s important to read the scooter description and manual to get the most informed idea about your possible purchase. 
    • Some suppliers offer the possibility to finance your purchase, making it a great way to ease the price burden as you make monthly payments instead of one big purchase.
  • Don’t rush anything, take the time you need to compare the accessories and price of your future electric mobility scooter. And don’t forget to consider the accessories.

Storing your Mid-Size Mobility Scooter

Sometimes travel scooters can be a hustle to store and travel with. A mid-sized mobility scooter is the perfect solution for this:

  • These types of scooters are much lighter, take up less space, and include the option to fold, making them very convenient for storage. 
  • Mid-size mobility scooters are both more comfortable and supportive when compared to their travel scooter counterparts, allowing you to use them for a much longer duration of time.
  • Some of mid-size mobility scooters even include auto-folding features.
  • It’s easy to store the scooter in the car trunk thanks to its folding feature. 
  • Mid-size mobility scooters can be taken on flights for your trips without any issues. 

Mid-Size Mobility Scooters are Easier to Maneuver

Medium mobility scooters include better capabilities and maneuvering than the standard mobility scooter for the following reasons:

  • They can reach maximum speed of around 9.3 mph (15 Kmh), making them faster.
  • They can travel between 10 and 30 miles on one full charge.
  • Mid-size mobility scooters have a carry weight capability of up to 330 lbs (150 Kg). 
  • They can be used in all sorts of areas, including sidewalks, parks and malls. 
  • The mid-size scooter is more versatile, being able to be used in both indoor and outdoor situations.
  • Being a lighter option makes it better for different kinds of terrain. 
  • These scooters are also more reliable than other types of scooter’s thanks to their better steering input.

Remember that it’s important to know the kind of terrain in which you’ll be using your mobility scooter:

  • An area with a lot of drops or an uneven terrain will need a scooter with good ground clearance.   
  • Four wheeled mobility scooters are more stable than the three wheelers, having a turning radius which is smaller. 
  • Three-wheel models are usually narrower in the front, allowing turning to be easier all together. 
  • The narrow front also allows you to enter smaller spaces.
  • Some of these mobility scooters even include a four-wheel drive feature. 

Mid-Size Mobility Scooters are Faster

One of the first things you think of when buying a best mobility scooter is its speed. You need something comfortable, with the capability to take you to your needed destination. 

  • Thanks to their larger and more powerful engines, mid-size mobility scooters are faster than most of their peers. Standard mobility scooters go up to about 4 mph, while the mid-sized models can go up to 15 mph or more in one single charge. 
  • The higher speed allows you to reach your destination without having to stop.
  • Medium mobility scooters include many safety features, giving you an ideal sense of security.  


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