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Everything You Need to Know About Automotive Locksmiths

Problems with a car’s lock system can be frustrating. It is even worse when it happens at night or in high-risk areas.

When you encounter a problem with your car’s lock system, avoid fixing it yourself. The best thing you can do is to call an automotive locksmith nearby to provide his services. This way, you can ensure your car will get handled by a professional, and no further damage will occur.

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Transponder Keys vs. Remote Keys

Transponder and remote keys are both used to lock and unlock car doors. However, they have differences.

A transponder key is essentially an upgraded remote key. It has more functions and offers a higher level of security than a remote car key. Manufacturers of transponder keys install microchips on them, transmitting signals to your cars when you press a button. The security lies in the serial codes of the microchips. Each of them has unique codes that can only match one car. It prevents mixing keys up and getting cars stolen.

A remote key only has two levels of security. The first level is locking and unlocking the car from a certain distance through programmed frequency, and the other one is using a mechanical key.

Services Provided by Automotive Locksmiths

Similar to residential and commercial locksmiths, automotive ones also have a specialized set of services. Here are some of them:

1. Key and Lock Replacements

When your car key gets broken, misplaced, or stolen, you can call an automotive locksmith to help you fix the problem. If your car key was stolen or got stolen from you, the best course of action is to have the locks and ignition cylinder replaced with a new set of lock systems, you can also try LS ignition coils for sale online.

If your key got broken, you may opt to have it duplicated by an automotive locksmith if you still have the master or spare key. This service costs less than replacing the lock system of the vehicle.

2. Key Extraction

If  your key got stuck or broken inside the keyhole or ignition cylinder while opening the car, an automotive locksmith can help you extract it. This occurrence happens due to the wearing. Mechanical car keys are susceptible to rusting and breaking because of their material and how they react to exposure to chemicals and varying temperatures.

Once it gets extracted from the lock, have the spare key duplicated, or you can also ask locksmith companies near your area, such as Alpine Lock and Safe, to change the locks completely.

3. Key  Rewiring and Reprogramming

When you notice that your car is becoming unresponsive when you press a button on your transponder key, it means that you need to bring it to an automotive locksmith for rewiring and reprogramming.

Transponder car keys are quite complex, and the locksmiths specializing in automotive security concerns are the best to recode them. They hook your car to a computer that programs the key together with the vehicle.

4. Emergency Locks

Most automotive locksmiths offer 24/7 services for emergencies like being locked out of your car. Having a professional on your contacts list would be handy if you find yourself in this situation. When you call automotive locksmiths for an emergency, they should arrive at your location within minutes because it can endanger your life.

While waiting for them to arrive, stay in a safe place like a public park where other people hang around. It is safer to stay there than in a parking lot.

5. Professional Consultation

As a car owner, it is not enough that you only know how to drive. It would be best to learn about its parts and components, including the lock and security systems. You can contact your trusty automotive locksmith if you want first-hand knowledge of maintaining and avoiding issues on your car’s locks. He should give you advice and simple tips on taking good care of your vehicle’s security system.

Reasons to Hire an Automotive Locksmith

When you hire an automotive locksmith for your car’s security issues, they can guarantee you professional services from them. In effect, you will save time and energy from solving the problem by yourself.

Automotive locksmiths have extensive years of experience in fixing lock issues of various automobiles. They are also equipped with the latest tools and equipment to deliver their services efficiently to their clients. More importantly, they can retain and increase the security level of your car when you request repair and maintenance services.

Key Takeaway

When you encounter lock system problems with your car, don’t think twice about bringing it to an automotive locksmith to get it fixed. They spend years learning and honing their specialized skills to help their clients solve problems with their vehicle’s locks. Also, they can assure you that when they conduct their services on your car, it will improve its security’