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Everything You Need to Know About Cyber Security Training!

Protection against cybercriminals is becoming more and more important not only in large but also in smaller companies. Hacker attacks and theft of confidential data can disrupt or even prevent and significantly slow down everyday business. Therefore, entrepreneurs make sure that they employ people with appropriate competences. What does cyber security training look like? How to become a specialist in this field? Read this so you can find the answer!

The importance of cyber security in the modern world

It is impossible not to notice that the entire modern world is based on the latest technologies. More and more areas of life are subject to computerization and digitization. The same applies to entrepreneurs – it’s hard to imagine a thriving company without its website or database. Although this solution brings plenty of benefits in the form of faster functioning of the enterprise, it is also associated with many threats, the main of which are cybercriminal attacks.

Appropriate cyber security training allows securing all confidential data and preparing for a possible threat. It may turn out that when faced with professional hackers, a strong password or an antivirus program will not be enough to protect the company from danger.

What is cyber security training?

Cyber security training is an exercise developed by specialists in the cybersecurity industry. It takes place at the so-called cyber ranges – a virtual space for training in safe conditions. It is there, under the supervision of experts, that simulations of actual hacker attacks take place, which must be faced by the participants.

The CDeX platform offers two types of cyber security training: automatic and team training. Both variants allow for practical skills training in conditions adapted to this, but participants also receive substantive support in the form of theoretical materials provided by the platform. Trainings are fully flexible – you can do them at any time. After each training, participants receive a detailed report that allows for further analysis.

Two types of training

Automatic training provides you with ready-made simulations which you can undertake at your pace. You can go through it independently of other employees, using the materials provided and your knowledge. Each scenario can be replayed many times to improve your skills by recognizing and eliminating errors.

The Red team vs Blue Team cyber security training is a proposal that allows two opposing teams to compete against each other. One of them plays the role of hackers and deals with the attack, while the other works to stop the threat.