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Everything You Need to Know About Shopify Product Bundles

Shopify, an e-commerce platform, has been empowering budding entrepreneurs to start and grow their online businesses since its inception. It allows them to create a customizable online store, manage their products and inventory, and process payments. With its recent rollout, Shopify has introduced a new marketing strategy for its users – Shopify bundles. Product Bundling generally refers to the strategy of offering customers a combination of complementary items in a single discounted package, making it more appealing to them. It has been shown to drive product awareness, increase the average order value (AOV), and also to improve the customer experience.

Advantages of opting for Shopify Product Bundles

Some of the key aspects of using Shopify bundle app are:

  • Maximising customer value
  • Encourages strategic pairing of products
  • Streamlines the shopping experience
  • Boosts company’s sales and revenues
  • Targeted promotions of bundles may drive customer engagement

Tips and Tricks for creating product bundles

  • Boost sales by pairing slow items with popular ones.
  • Bundle complementary products for added value.
  • Create discounted packages with underselling items.
  • Combine customer favorites into attractive bundles.
  • Offer unique items exclusively in bundles.
  • Craft seasonal bundles for festive occasions.
  • Introduce and test new items in bundles.
  • Enhance sales with these strategic bundling approaches.

How to get access to Shopify Bundles

To enable Shopify Bundles on your store, ensure the following:

  • Utilize the Online Store sales channel.
  • Unpublish all Shopify Scripts, as they are incompatible with Shopify Bundles.
  • Implement checkout extensibility for customizing checkout functionality and appearance.
  • Refrain from using checkout.liquid (as it will be fully deprecated on August 13, 2024), update your pages accordingly.
  • Avoid using Global-e, Licensify, Exemptify, or Recharge Subscriptions, as these apps are not compatible with Shopify Bundles. Adhering to these criteria ensures seamless integration and optimal performance of Shopify Bundles in your store.

Types of Product Bundles

Shopify Bundles come in three types: 

  • Fixed bundles: where customers choose from a set of predetermined product variants (e.g., a pickleball racket with balls); 
  • Multipacks: offering multiples of the same product for frequent replenishment (ideal for items like pickleballs); 
  • Mix-and-match bundles: allowing customers to interchange products like a pickleball set with a racket, balls, and a customizable t-shirt. 

Whether customers prefer a pre-set combination, need multiples, or desire a personalized mix, Shopify Bundles cater to diverse preferences, providing flexibility in product selection and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

How to Create a Bundle

  • Go to Shopify Admin
  • Click -> Bundles -> Create bundle
  • Enter a title for your bundle
  • Click -> Select Products
  • Select the products from Add products dialog, click -> Select
    • Optional features:
      • Add the quantity of a product in a bundle
      • Change variants
      • Add the quantity as bundle
      • Create a multipack bundle: click -> gear icon, select -> Duplicate product
      • Click -> Save and continue
      • Edit and write product description, if desired.
  • Click -> Save
  • Set the product Status to Active.

Things to keep in mind

  • Understand the need of your customer
  • Decide the type of product you are creating: a variant group, an assembly, or a kit.
  • Be Creative while naming and describing a product bundle. Highlight its benefits and keep it short.
  • While deciding on the price of the product bundle:
    • Do consider the cost of included products. Don’t overprice.
    • Do compare it with other similar available product bundles.
    • Price it competitively.
  • Create a unique SKU for your product bundle, thus helping to track it more efficiently.
  • Create a dedicated landing page for your bundle product and share its image on social media platforms. If required, include a banner ad on your website or blog.
  • Encourage customers who have purchased your bundles to provide feedback.
  • Make use of various reconciliation software along with other apps to keep track of your inventory and sales.
  • Further, software like Triple Whale can help in analyzing the sales data of the product bundles made by a customer.

Final words

In summary, Shopify’s Product Bundles revolutionize online businesses by offering discounted combinations, driving product awareness, and boosting sales. Following expert tips and leveraging bundle types, businesses can efficiently implement this strategy, elevate e-commerce success, and thrive in the competitive online marketplace.