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Everything You Need To Know About Steroid Cycles For Beginners

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Should I take steroids or not? What should my steroid cycle contain? How long should my steroid cycle last? If your mind is full of questions like these, worry not, we are here to help. But before that, you should know what steroids are? So, steroids are a kind of man-made hormone used for achieving different purposes. 

Sometimes steroids may find their medicinal use, but they are mainly used by bodybuilders and athletes. Over time they have attracted a negative image, but people who consume them, don’t get bothered by their image. Steroids cannot be consumed at any time, there is a steroid cycle for everyone consuming steroids. The intake of steroids for beginners, mediocre and advanced bodybuilders is different. If you are a beginner, you should be concerned with the information regarding steroid cycles for beginners

About steroids

Intake of steroids can be done through tablets, liquids, and injections. Fighting inflammation is one of the major roles that steroids play. Reduction in the inflammation of patients suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis and other types of arthritis is perceptible after taking steroids. One thing has to be kept in mind, never consume steroids without supervision and, without consulting your doctor, or else you will regret that one action for the rest of your life. 

Myriads of steroids are available in the market today, but not all are good for you, especially for beginners. This is a general rule that the same steroid may show different results for different persons. Some steroids bring quicker results, and some work their way up gradually.

Begin your cycle with these steroids

Whether you go to a gym or not, you must be aware of the fact that steroids have side effects. Taking about the steroid cycles for beginners, include these two steroids in your first cycle. Testosterone Propionate and Testosterone Enanthate. A question might have popped up in your mind out of the many steroids why should I begin the first cycle with these two. Their efficiency with good results and fewer side effects is the reason why these two anabolic steroids are to be included in your first cycle. 

They stand somewhere in the middle of the potency line, strong enough to bring results and weak enough to show side effects is why these two are preferred. These anabolic steroids are neither too weak nor too strong. And as a third option, you should go with a growth hormone.  

Avoid these

Methanabol or anapolan are the steroids that should be avoided at all costs for your first cycle. People might suggest you these steroids for your first cycle, but pay no heed to what they say. Testosterone- an anabolic steroid is the most commonly used steroid by athletes more than 88% of athletes use testosterone in their first steroid cycle. 

There are reasons for the popularity of testosterone, and those reasons are genuine. Firstly, testosterone is quite cheap and brings desired results secondly, it is safe than most steroids out there furthermore, its availability in the market is high. These reasons are good enough to support the argument that testosterone is one of the best and most commonly used steroids in the first cycle. Natural methods of increasing testosterone are also effective, but those looking for quicker results in a shorter time should take the help of tablets and liquids for boosting testosterone. 

Some safe and effective steroids to include in your steroid cycle

Testosterone propionate- an anabolic steroid which is injectable is quite common in the first cycle. It can be taken in average doses and does not even affect liver function like other steroids. One might get shocked after realizing the benefits of testosterone. Increasing bone density, helping in increasing muscle mass and strength, fat distribution throughout the body, enhancing the production of red blood cells, increasing sperm production and accelerating the growth of facial hairs and body hairs are some well-known positive effects that testosterone is known to provide. 

This is the reason why testosterone is used in the first steroid cycle for beginners. In case you encounter any unpleasant effects or side effects, feel free to interrupt the cycle. One thing that might take away your mental peace here, you are required to inject the steroid every second day, which means you are in a disadvantaged position of getting your skin pierced by an injection every second day. Well, things that last don’t come easy and what comes easy won’t last long, so you will have to put up with the pain and its effect if you are looking for results. 

Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Prolongatum the terms are both the same, this steroid is similar to testosterone propionate. You might take a breath of relief after hearing that enanthate is taken after 5 days, whereas propionate is injected every second day. That’s a slight edge that enanthate has over propionate. 

You would agree with the fact that everyone’s body is built different, and their requirement and tolerance of drugs and steroids are also different. It would be best if you could consult They are more than happy to help you and guide you individually about your steroid cycle. 

You can use the above-mentioned products without any fear, but it would be best if you would share some time with power anabolics and allow them to guide you to perfection. Regarding the time of your steroid cycle, a good anabolic cycle should last for about 8 to 16 weeks, which means around 1.5 months to four months.

We would like to bring it to your notice that steroid cycles are different for everyone, and steroids affect everyone differently according to their genetic makeup, thus one should follow the advice given above and consult his/her physician or an expert in the field of steroids before starting your cycle. Steroid cycles for beginners are an area of special focus, because beginners can mess things up, thus causing themselves more harm than good. The production of testosterone can be accelerated by using HCG. Natural methods of increasing testosterone are also effective, but those looking for quicker results in a shorter time should take the help of tablets and liquids for boosting testosterone. There are many dietary supplements on the market today that claim to help boost blood circulation in the body. Umzu Redwood Nitric Oxide Booster claims to help boost energy levels, promote muscle strength, and increase stamina.

If you are thinking of taking steroids, be very cautious and do extensive research on the same. Another important fact that, we would like to disclose here is that your body can lose its ability to return to normal after taking short and frequent steroid cycles. Any foreign substance should be taken into the body after you have ample knowledge about its effects, dosage, and side effects.