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Everything You Need to Know About the List of Open Platforms!

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Platform lifts are hydraulic lifts that can lift wheelchairs and people. Himor Outdoor platform lifts are popular with the elderly and people with disabilities because they have safety features. According to different installation positions, we also call it commercial platform lift, porch lift and domestic small house lift. Customers can install elevators inside or outside buildings such as homes, offices, hospitals and shopping malls. The wheelchair platform lift controls are located on the inner panel, outer column and remote control. Please read the following descriptions of semi-open and fully enclosed cab types carefully.

A platform lift is a technology that, like an elevator, makes it easier for people with disabilities to get to higher floors or elevation levels. While a platform lift is most commonly found in homes or workplaces, it can also be placed in large vehicles.

A person can live on their own in their home without assistance, thanks to the fact that the elevator controls are located inside the attraction itself, which makes the platform lift special. Platform lifts work independently.

What makes platform lifts different from elevators in terms of functionality? Price. Platform lifts are an economical alternative to stair lifts. While they may not be as complex or performance based as an elevator, they still perform the same function.

Said platform lifts provide elevator privacy through the stair lift. Carrying a small group of people or up to two wheelchair users up or down in an enclosed shaft, they can serve two or more floors. Platform lifts give customers autonomy with easy-to-use controls inside the rack, unlike many stair lifts that often require a key and staff assistance to operate. Platform lifts take users to their desired destination with dignity and ease, even though they lack the elegance, high technology, and high performance of an elevator (and spectators don’t have to wait on the stairs, as is often the case with slow traffic). stair lift!).

Another advantage is that platform lifts can be used both inside and outside, and some of them are even made for your own home. Lift platform manufacturer and installed to provide consumers with the best solution for their requirements, regardless of their capabilities. They can also be created and used for vertical and slanted environments. There are alternatives to vertical and inclined lifts for curved and straight stairs. With sliding or hinged doors, vertical options can often accommodate up to four people at a time, making it easy for everyone to get in and out.


Home wheelchair lifts are hydraulic lift platforms for wheelchairs. Himor wheelchair lifts are popular for lifting wheelchairs and lifting the elderly because they are equipped with safety devices. As a result, we also call it porch lift, handicapped lift and handicapped lift. Users can control the elevator through the inner panel, outer column and remote control. This outdoor lift is usually used to lift wheelchairs or the elderly.

More about it:-

Mechanism: Hydraulic

Aluminum Alloy Plates for Drive Tower

Aluminum alloy and tempered glass make up the cabin.

250 kg for medium duty

1 to 15 meters for lifting

House size: 1430 mm by 1000 mm.

1500mm x 1350mm for installation

For the best lift, use a quiet motor.

Allow changing cabin height and size.

The cost varies from 2000 to 15000 dollars. Depending on the size and characteristics.

How can we create a PWD certified outdoor wheelchair lift?

Drive tower material: aluminum alloy.

Cabin type: Half or Full.

Doors from the entrance to the cabins.

Material: alloy aluminum

Additional boarding doors

PLC control system used for control. discreet hydraulic motor

The controllers are the cabin remote control, the call column and the control panel. Operating temperature range: -20°C to 60°C.

Application: both inside and outside

Safety equipment:

Automatic braking

Safety sensor under cab

Manual reverse after a power outage

After Sales Assistance

In addition to human error, steel construction materials have a three-year warranty.

Twelve months warranty on hydraulic and electrical systems.

Online, phone and email technical support is available 24/7.

Free technical advice during the lift.

Free replacement of components within a year.

delivery schedule


Designed with the latest technology, they are the ideal solution for warehouses, factories and manufacturing plants. Himor is a renowned manufacturer and hydraulic lift supplier, dock levelers, dock shelters in the automation sector. Used for picking up heavy industrial materials, the load hoist is equipped with shutters for optimal performance. We install doors after full testing by engineers and technicians.

The hydraulic vertical lift is a lifting platform for wheelchairs. The abbreviation is vpl lift. We also call it a hydraulic platform lift for home, porch lift and tiny home lift. Himor indoor and outdoor rides are popular with wheelchair users and home raised seniors due to built-in safety features. Users can control the elevator through the inner panel, outer column and remote control. This elevator has a closed cabin. For more questions, see the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.