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Everything You Need To Know About WPS Office

Are you fed up with spending a fortune on office software or struggling with alternatives for free that need the essential features? Consider WPS Office, a comprehensive productivity software suite that includes spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation software. 

It is compatible with Microsoft Office and offers a similar user interface; WPS Office provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to every office need. We’ll discuss everything you should know about WPS Office, from its advantages and features to the best tips to make the most of the application.

Microsoft Office is the most popular software on the market at present, indeed. However, only some can afford an office license. Many users seek the most effective Office suite other than MS Office. If you’re looking to get Office 2010, there is an alternative you want to think about. We’re talking about one of the most popular office suites, the WPS Office.

The user interface and design of Office 2010 are the same as those of Office 2017. Office 2010 has the same user interface and design as Office 2017. So, there need to be instructions for users on using Office 2010. WPS Office is an excellent replacement for MS Office in terms of features, pricing and style. The suite is compatible with both mobile and PC devices.

WPS Office For Windows 10 is free, downloadable, and virus-free. WPS Office For Windows 10 offers a user-friendly interface and excellent compatibility with documents of different formats, and it is available. Suppose you’re looking for fantastic software to assist you in editing your documents and making documents and spreadsheets quickly. In that case, You should look at installing and using the WPS Office software.

With the WPS Office software download, you can easily create professional-looking documents and presentations without switching between different software applications. This guide will focus on the most important aspects and benefits of WPS Office.

File Transfer

With the aid of this File Transfer feature, you can transfer files to and from your computers. It’s a handy and unique feature which can assist you to accomplish tasks efficiently and quickly. The files can be shared with no difficulty. This feature benefits everyone, whether you are a student or a professional.

File Roaming

File roaming is indeed among the best functions in WPS Office. The name suggests that this program lets you save your files on your device to cloud storage shared by other users. It enables you to share your files with ease. 

Although this feature is in the testing stage, it is expected to be a breakthrough for an efficient office suite. There’s no reason to buy a license, as you can download a complete version of WPS Office for free.

Record PPT

There always is a need for capturing PPT. This incredible feature is more suitable for work environments such as offices. It lets you create videos using the information presented in your presentations. The videos can be utilized to enhance your webinars. It also permits participants to record their voices as slides are offered.

Wire Projection

This unique feature is only available for iOS devices. Wire Projection lets you convert the iOS phone into a presentation. To use Wire Projection, you must have the Wire Projection feature; ensure you possess a VGA adapter and a wired connection. Wire Projection enables you to present your presentation from an iOS device. In addition, WPS Wire Projection feature can be completely optimized to provide the best resolution.

Wireless Projection

Wireless Projection assists you if your iOS device has no external dongle. It lets you wirelessly transfer your presentation on every Smart Connect TV. This feature helps students who want to share their data whenever they want to.

Final Thoughts

WPS Office can benefit you in various ways, rather than installing Office 2010. WPS Office has an all-in-one suite with a Word processor, presentation spreadsheet, and PDF converter. These programs are similar to MS Office applications. 

Additionally, WPS Office offers cloud base integration. It also provides the option of a trial or free version that allows you to use the essential functions. Because of this, WPS Office is very popular with users. To download WPS Office directly to your device, visit the site and click the link to download.