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Exciting News for Witcher Fans!

Now You Can Watch It on TV and Admire It On Your Wall

Displate – a leading marketplace for unique metal posters, that so far sold over 5 million posters all over the world – our main markets are the US, UK, France and Germany join forces with Netflix!

The Netflix brand shop will offer a collection of 32 Displates based on designs from some of the most popular Netflix productions. First, fans of the series “The Witcher” will get the chance to build a unique setup from 3 collections. This is just the beginning, as the entire series will be updated with new designs over time.

There are also many fans of The Witcher among the Displate community, so creating a licensed collection and starting this cooperation was a natural way for both brands to celebrate the passion of their customers. It is worth noting that Displate has been gaining a stronger position abroad, especially in the US and Europe, which make up for 99.66% of its product sales.

The companies’ cooperation in creating metal posters inspired by the massively popular Witcher saga has the potential to become a huge hit, especially among the American audience, who passionately embraced the second season of the series. 

“We are super excited to partner up with Netflix, not only a fantastic service in terms of quality of content but also a growing, state-of-the-art online business, one we can learn from moving forward. We hope this is only the beginning of a fruitful strategic partnership, bringing more fantastic IPs to for months and years to come. Being from Poland, starting with the Witcher is very important to us, but many more exciting brands are coming very soon. No spoilers.”- comments Piotr Szcześniak, Head of Partnerships at Displate.

It’s worth mentioning that the Displate catalogue includes 1.5 million designs, not only branded but also created by independent artists from all over the world.

“Our posters are sold to collectors from 64 countries and since the beginning of the company, we have sold over 5 million metal posters, including almost 3 million within one year. This requires us to constantly develop our technology, but also to have the courage to reach for what is new.”- emphasizes Mateusz Godała, CEO of Displate.

Displate has already been trusted by Disney, Warner, Ubisoft, Viacom, Bethesda, CD Projekt RED, and other big names. As far as upcoming collections go, this Netflix collaboration will surely give Displate fans something to look forward to.