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Experity EMR Software: Urgent Care on Urgent Basis

Experity EMR Software is a cloud-based EMR, practice management, and medical billing software system designed for on-demand care providers of all sizes and specializations, such as occupational medicine, pediatrics, and primary care. Learn more about Experity and its urgent care software. Experity EMR /PM is scalable, desktop and mobile compatible, and offers comprehensive clinical workflow and charting solutions from patient registration through discharge. Multiple users can examine patient charts at the same time with same-time documentation.

Built-in payer guidelines, real-time insurance verification, custom common procedure quick-pick lists and one-click discharge plans, auto-populating documentation templates, a patient portal, custom reporting, and E/M code suggestions and CPT coding based on provider documentation are just a few of the platform’s features. Experity enables online scheduling and patient queuing, SMS messaging, business analytics, e-prescribing, lab integration, payment processing, and code automation connections.

Following a record year of industry growth and demand, urgent care is quickly becoming the de-facto choice for customers seeking on-demand healthcare. The first choice for many when in need of medical assistance is to look for an urgent care near me for the fastest initial assistance. People using Experity EMR Software have invested more than $50 million in innovation and research to bring this innovative urgent care-focused EMR/PM to market in less than two years. These innovations have had an immediate impact on the capacity of the urgent care business such as AFC urgent care to expand during a global pandemic and capitalize on creating the future of on-demand healthcare with its clients.

“As the COVID epidemic continues to put the urgent care business to the test, we’re excited to introduce the new Experity EMR/PM to help our clients and the industry modernize.”  

One of the urgent care’s strongest assets is its adaptability, and this new core operating system is built to help clinics handle increasing visit numbers, new income sources, and expanded options without losing treatment quality. In the new era of urgent care, providing a positive patient experience is critical, since patient expectations for on-demand care have skyrocketed since 2020. Urgent care providers have a proven track record of converting new patients into repeat visits by providing convenient, tech-enabled, high-quality service. Experity’s EMR software already allows seamless expansion into primary care, occupational medicine, and mental health, and will soon support more fields in an on-demand care context, such as rural health, pediatrics, and orthopedics. 


Experity EMR Software works with the following users and business types: mid-sized businesses, small businesses, large businesses, and enterprises.  

The following are some of the key features of Experity EHR software:

  • Experity EMR software is designed for Urgent Care Centers that distinguish themselves from retail clinics by providing patients with services such as radiological services and, in many cases, diagnostic radiography examinations. X-rays, computed tomography, electrocardiogram, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound are often available at urgent care centers.
  • Experity EMR software includes an e-booking feature that allows you to handle invoicing precisely and effectively when the patient checks in and out of the healthcare institution. Billing non-contracted and non-credentialed suppliers are made easier with e-booking.
  • Experity EMR software offers online scheduling, allowing patients to schedule appointments without having to waste time going to the clinic and waiting for experts.
  • Freelance, non-profit, and government work are all options.
  • The majority of software is designed for a variety of healthcare specializations. Unfortunately, this software can be inconvenient for urgent care practitioners, detracting from the urgency of the service. You’ll need software with a documentation system tailored to a normal urgent care visit, rather than an all-purpose EMR with all the extra clicks and choices.
  • The Health Level Seven (HL7) standard language is now used to ease most interactions, although this is gradually changing to an API world. When modifications are made in one system, say, a patient’s address, the change should be communicated and stored in the interfaced system as well. When x-rays or lab work are involved, this linking of digital hands is critical to efficiency.
  • Then at the clinic, including a simple check-in kiosk and queue display in the lobby that shows the order of patients.
  • We are swamped with data in today’s healthcare environment, starting with the demographic information we receive from patients upon registration. At each stage of the process, we collect more information, such as the most prevalent complaints, the procedures we use, and the amount of time spent on each interaction. This data, when combined, offers us strength. 
  • This information should be accessible and usable through your EMR. It should provide data in a way that makes sense for your business, allowing you to respond fast, see patterns, and drill down to receive detailed, actionable information about your clinic. 



I appreciate how simple the product is to use. I was able to pick up on the application fast when I initially started using it. I enjoy how you can jump from screen to screen rapidly, which is useful in a fast-paced atmosphere like an urgent care center. 


There is nothing about this application that I detest. It’s simple to use, and it makes my job easier! 

-Melissa B.  


The tool is simple to use, but the DocuTAP staff is really pleasant and helpful. That is what makes it such a fantastic product. 


In terms of seeing, the EMR on a tablet is fantastic. When using the EMR on a laptop, there is a lot of left/right/up/down scrolling. When people prefer a laptop or desktop computer to a tablet, this might be frustrating. 

-Todd K.  


DocuTAP is one of my favorite programs since it is so easy to use and efficient. It’s convenient to be able to swiftly and simply enter patient information when dealing with them. In DocuTAP, I’m able to move about rapidly while charting what I need to with the patient’s information. It’s a fantastic piece of software. 


So far, I haven’t had any issues using DocuTAP. DocuTAP has been a fantastic experience for me! 

-Lindsay E.