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Expert Tips on How to Find A Suitable Trading Signals Provider

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For a beginner, trading signals are a great source of tips, which can help him make decent money without extensive analysis and avoid extreme risks. Yet, it is essential to find a proven provider, which is safe to subscribe to. Hence, we advise you to stick to the top list created by our experts.

First, let us ask you: “Do you know what trading signals are?”. To put it simply, they are triggers or notifications on which assets to buy or sell and at which point in time. They can be created by special software with the help of algorithms or developed by highly experienced traders using their personal calculations, predictions, and experience. So, in the first case, such instructions are based on technical analysis with the use of historical data, while in the second case they reflect both past and current market trends.

For novice traders who do not have enough experience and knowledge so far, such prompts are a real find. They can utilize them to perform smart deals and dramatically reduce risks. But even beginners should not blindly rely on trading signals unless they are fully sure that the provider selected is worth trusting.

Thus, let us mention a few providers to consider in the first place:

  • RoboForex. It is one of the most well-known platforms for free-of-charge copy trading (when beginners copy deals executed by successful professionals). Using it, you will get access to an unlimited number of signals every day along with the highest speed of trade executions, a full range of diversified assets, and negative balance protection.
  • eToro. This free source also offers signals via copy trading. It supports crypto and foreign currency and stocks, while ETF and stock deals are free-of-charge.
  • Learn 2 Trade. It offers 3–5 signals per day via its Telegram channel on a paid basis. Besides, it informs its users on essential market news and offers expert advice on related issues.
  • Zignaly. This source specializes in crypto trading and offers a 30-day free trial along with quite affordable fees. Its operation is based on copy trading. Its distinctive features are a fully intuitive interface and 24/7 support in several languages.
  • It works as a community of advanced trades, who share signals, ideas, advice. A user can count on up to 200 signals depending on the package selected. In addition, there is a free trial option.
  • Elliot Wave Forecast. The team of more than 10 skillful analysts offers professional guidance, research and recommendation on diversified markets and encourages clients to make final decisions on their own.
  • The Robust Trader. This source is focused on swing trading and provides back-tested signals based on various strategies directly to its users’ electronic addresses before the opening of a market. During the first month, you can get access to this service at a discounted price of $1.

To summarize, you can safely pick any of the platforms from our list if it fits your purposes and budget. Still, to achieve the best results, you had better analyze and evaluate every signal received before putting it into practice.