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Exploring the Role of Cannabis in the Sports Industry

The use of cannabis in the field of professional sports has remained a controversial issue even up to this day. But, despite this fact, it cannot be denied that a lot of athletes turn to cannabis, even if they are aware that such is a violation of certain rules in their respective sports organizations. However, athletes and everyone in the sports industry rejoiced when the news regarding the approval of the use of cannabidiol (CBD) came out last June 2018. CBD is one of the most active ingredients obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which is also popularly referred to as marijuana.

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But, why is the use of cannabis important for athletes? Why does cannabis play an important role in the sports industry? Read further to find out.

It Makes Restorative Sleep So Achievable

Restorative sleep is one crucial key to faster recovery and optimum performance. In fact, many famous athletes such as Vanessa Williams, LeBron James, and Roger Federer claim to sleep for an average of 10 hours every night. However, not all athletes are able to sleep as much as they need to. The staff from Dispensary Downtown Seattle are also aware that many athletes turn to cannabis to help them wind down and eventually achieve better quality and quantity of sleep. A 2018 study showed that cannabis helped individuals with insomnia sleep better at night. The good news is that cannabis does not give them those side effects that people usually experience from taking sleeping pills.

An Effective Alternative to Popping Pain Relievers

Every athlete knows just how physically demanding the training is. It is too demanding to the extent that it subjects you to a lot of aches and pains. You do not have to experience physical injuries just to know how painful and exhausting it can be. Having pulled muscles and overstressed joints would be enough to make you reach out for pain relievers. Add in the fact that trainers or coaches often advise these athletes to just push through despite the pain. This constant pressure to be at their peak performance is one reason why cannabis is their go-to drug to be able to cope with the pain. This is because NSAIDs and other painkillers are known to cause more health risks. Besides, a 2018 report from the World Health Organization reveals that Cannabis does not have the potential to cause drug dependence unlike other types of opioids.

It Helps Athletes Reduce Their Anxiety Levels

Athletes know very well that their years of training, going through a lot of physical injuries while also engaging in a very restrictive diet can all be in vain when another athlete defeats them by a split second. These things are so real that they put too much pressure on every athlete, which in turn can also lead to the emergence of several anxiety symptoms. This is when athletes turn to cannabis in order to alleviate their anxiety symptoms. A lot of anecdotal evidence confirms that cannabis can do wonders in reducing anxiety levels. However, one must see to it that he or she does not take too much of it because higher doses of cannabis can worsen anxiety.

Experts continue to study the benefits, side effects, and risks of regular intake of cannabis. It may take much time before everyone in the sports industry all over the world would fully accept and legalize its use among athletes. Before you plan to take cannabis, make sure you ask your health care provider first to ensure it does not contradict with the medications you are currently taking for your existing medical condition.

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