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Facts About Bitcoin

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Little can be said about cryptocurrency if bitcoin is not mentioned. The origin of cryptocurrency started with bitcoin. Thereafter, came many other forms of cryptocurrency that we see in the trading platform today.

Many people today look at bitcoin in a different view. They want to give it a chance as an investment option. In the earlier years, people shied away from putting their investment in cryptocurrency with a good percentage believing that it was a fraudulent process or gambling. This has since changed.

Bitcoin mining does not literally mean that people head into the mountains or a deserted rocky quarry to dig up bitcoins as of the case in gold mining. In essence, bitcoin mining rather involves a process through which new coins are released into the market after a miner solves a complex maths puzzle.

The worth of a single bitcoin today can no longer be compared with its worth 10 years ago. It has multiplied to over tens of thousands.

A similar projection is used to predict what the worth of one bitcoin will become in 2031. This is why despite the bitcoin volatility, potential investors still eye bitcoin trade with a zest that cannot be measured. More so, facts about Quantum AI are that BitQT makes it easier to trade cryptocurrency using CFDs. this trading system could generate profits of up to 70% during periods of increased crypto volatility.

Also, platforms like BitQT, only offer web traders, available in HTML5 version that boasts about its mobile device friendliness.

It has been pre-programmed that the last bitcoin to be released will hit the 21 million mark. Initially, this process was faster as fewer miners were involved. But in the recent development surrounding bitcoin and cryptocurrency hype up by the media, where people are trying out their luck in both mining of bitcoins as well as investing in crypto trade, the same cannot be said. The process is slower.

Today, this mining process stands at about 89% of the 21 million total, translating to over 18 million bitcoins circulating in the market. The complex mathematical puzzles have been set that by the time the last puzzle is solved, it may well be more than 100 years from today. 

Satoshi Nakamoto is the anonymous founder of bitcoin. This founder owns about 1 million worth of bitcoins. This anonymity further augments the fact that there is utmost privacy in the blockchain technology that serves the cryptocurrency trade.

Another fact is that as much as some countries have banned the use of cryptocurrencies, others have implemented its use in the provision of service as well as the acquisition of goods. Notably are the USA and Canada. Some countries have not completely denied their citizens to use cryptocurrency but have only cautioned them to use it carefully.

A fact that not many people know is that there is a difference between bitcoin with a capital ‘b’ and that with a small ‘b’. Bitcoin means the accounting information that is used to store the details of transactions about bitcoin trade while bitcoin is the cryptocurrency.

The amount of power that is used when mining bitcoins is more than the entire consumption of Ireland as a whole. Because Ireland is the second-largest city in Europe in terms of people population.


In the trade of bitcoins, no cash by the use of banking coins or even notes is used. Rather, it is an online-based program of trade in which digital coins called bitcoins are used to facilitate the acquisition of assets. With recent development, bitcoins have also been incorporated in the acquisition of services. Forbes lists PayPal as one of the service providers that have incorporated the use of cryptocurrency in their business.