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Famous Slot Machine Strategies to Increase Your Winnings

Popular research shows that more players play slot games than any other casino game. The straightforward rules and gameplay make it a go-to game for most players. 

However, winning slots isn’t as easy as many think. Even though there is a wide selection of these games in popular online casinos, their mechanics might confuse some people. Are they purely luck or you can find a winning strategy?

While every slot game inevitably favors the house one way or the other, there are some tips and strategies that give you an edge when playing. This article covers popular expert slot strategies that give you a solid chance of winning. 

Know the Slots Machines

When you visit the slots section, it is always tempting to start spinning immediately. Nonetheless, firstly, you need to know and understand how the slots work to stand a better chance of winning. Being impulsive can lead to players taking the wrong option or missing out on a useful bonus feature. 

This is why players must have prior knowledge of the slot game they choose to play. A popular tip would be to study the paytable included in the game, which determines the returns you get on each symbol. Some casinos also provide free-to-play slots, which allows you to play without real cash. These platforms help you familiarize yourself with the slots available, which bolsters your success chances.

You should check online for more information, opinions, and honest reviews of different slot machines to help you make a good choice. 

Set a Betting Limit

The first and most important tip to remember when playing slot machines is to have a fixed budget and betting limit. Sometimes playing slots can get so overwhelming that players get carried away and deposit into their accounts after winnings or losses. Unfortunately, this approach is common among players, leading to wagering more than they can afford to lose.

Before you spin the reels, set a budget limit and try to stick to it irrespective of the game’s outcome. Expert gamblers advise players to have a separate account for bankrolls and wagers. This strategy will help to control your losses and avoid overspending. 

Remember, always avoid the urge to cover for your losses by staking what you cannot afford.

Check Out the Best RTPs

A Return To Player (RTP)  refers to the possible returns you get from your wager on slots at the end of the game. Therefore slots with higher payback percentages minimize the losses you will likely encounter in a game. 

For example, a slots’ RTP of 96% means that for every $100 wager, the player gets $96 in return. Also, the higher the RTP, the lower the house edge. You can get the house edge of a slot by subtracting the Return to Player percentage by 100. 

One advantage of slot machines is that you have the chance to check the payback percentage before a game. This feature allows you to consider your options before playing any slot game. You will find the payback percentage of slots in the game’s description.

Although, casinos that offer low RTPs on slots also have their advantages. Slots with low RTPs sometimes provide other bonuses and rewards instead.

Nonetheless, choosing slots with high RTPs is one of the best slot machines strategies to improve your winnings.  

Use Bonus Codes

Some of the best casinos offer promotions that give players attractive rewards. These bonus codes come with different packages that provide extra spins or free money. Common casino bonuses include:

  • No-deposit Bonus
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Free Cash E.t.c

Our tip for you would be to sign-up for an account with a bonus code to enjoy the available bonus packages. However, these bonus offers usually come with wagering requirements and expiration dates. Once you complete these conditions, you will be eligible to receive and enjoy these bonuses. 

Avoid the Autoplay Feature

Most slot machines come with the Autoplay option, which automatically spins the reel for players. Unfortunately, using the Autoplay feature means that players aren’t controlling their decision. This feature prevents players from making changes to their bets which takes the fun away. Although some slot machines have a stop-loss limit, this only ends the game when you have lost a certain amount of money. 

Play Games by Top Developers

One way to get the best and reliable slot machines is by playing games produced by prominent application companies. However, this is not to say that other developers do not provide exciting games. 

As a matter of fact, there are very good slot games produced by less popular developers. Therefore, it would be best to research the best slot games available.

Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech, and Betsoft are some of the popular and reputable casino software developers around. 


Playing slots online can be very exciting, especially with reliable betting tips. These slot machines’ strategies should set you on the right path to winning more games.

An extra tip we will leave you with is always to gamble responsibly.