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Fax Online Services – How to Send and Receive Fax Over the Internet

One of the ways that is used mostly for official communications is faxing. However, faxing has also evolved since its beginning to this day. This guide will help you understand all about it and if you’re a fax lover just like me, this guide is love.

The method of faxing is nothing new. It needs no introduction as it’s the most utilized communication media all over the world. Individuals all around deliver their files through faxes. People prefer nothing else but faxing for conveying their important documents.

With its top of the line security and safety services, the method of faxing has always stayed at the top of the communication industry. Countless individuals, as well as international firms, rely only on faxing as the safest way to deliver confidential documents.

However, not everything is perfect. Faxing also has a downside due to which people consider it difficult and inconvenient. The requirements for faxing documents are not only abundant but also much inconvenient when compared to today’s time’s advancements.

But this guide about the best online fax service is all good news to fax lovers like you and me. Here, we have a way through which you can deliver faxes without using impractical requirements like fax machines, telephone lines, and fax modems, etc.

Here we have the most perfect online fax service for you people, so have a good read till the end.

CocoFax – Have The Best Online Faxing Experience

CocoFax is an online fax service that makes the lives of fax lovers easier by providing easy and convenient faxing solutions. Through CocoFax, you can send online fax here. You can get the faxes sent to you too. So, it’s not like those fax services who only allow you to send faxes, not receive them.

CocoFax is the best one amongst all other fax services out there in the faxing market. That is why it has large scale popularity and a client base consisting of millions of people. CocoFax’s popularity has spread every corner of the world and hence it stands out from the rest.

Moreover, CocoFax answers all questions like ‘how can I fax from my computer?’ as it has made all devices such as mobile phones, PCs, and tablets fax-capable. You can send or get any fax through any of these devices.

Consider a situation where you are at dinner and you realize that you need to send a fax immediately. You don’t need to rush to your home or office to get to a fax machine. Actually, you already have your fax machine in your pocket. Yes, you can send a fax from your phone, then and there.

CocoFax is popular and famous not only among its users but also among many top multinational media brands. Various news sources like Forbes, the New York Times, TechRadar, and many others have reviewed CocoFax and praised its services.

CocoFax has superb services and features that make faxing a much more pleasant experience than before. With CocoFax, there is absolutely no need of immense fax machines and other things like paper, toner, and ink that are needed to make these machines work.

CocoFax’s Simple Requirements

As we told you before, CocoFax is all about ease and simplicity. The things that it requires for faxing online are also very simple and you might already have them. Many other fax services require complicated things to make online faxing possible. But that’s not the case with CocoFax.

Its requirements are also not complicated like the necessities that were required for faxing in the past times. So, without further redo, let’s start with the simple requirements.

Internet Connection

As we are talking about internet faxing, the internet is a very important requirement. You cannot deliver faxes online if you do not have an internet connection. So make sure that the device through which you are going to deliver faxes has an internet connection.

CocoFax Account

When an online fax service is used for faxing via the internet, registration is must to be done. That is what CocoFax needs as well. First, you must have your CocoFax account made, only then you will be able to start using its amazing services.
Getting a CocoFax account is easier than you think. You can have a free sign-up done through the option of a 30-day free trial on the official CocoFax website.

Fax Number

Fax number is the most mandatory necessity of all. You must have a fax number if you wish to deliver your documents through faxes. For online faxing too, a fax number is necessary. But CocoFax makes this easier by providing you a fax number itself that doesn’t even require any charges.

On top of that, this free fax number is chosen by you. You get to pick what kind of fax number you want. So, it’s really helpful for big companies and professional people who want to have fax numbers that resemble their company codes.

How to Fax Over the Internet?

Sending faxes

Step 1: Sign-up with CocoFax and get an account with it. Visit the official site and click on the option of a 30-day free trial to begin signing up for free. Also, choose your free fax number here through the free trial.

Step 2: After signing up, your personal online dashboard will appear. CocoFax’s dashboard is a facility through which you can conveniently send and receive faxes. You can access it from any internet browser on your device.

Click on the button of ‘New Fax’ on the top corner of the dashboard. In the new window, fill in all the fields. You can leave the optional ones empty.

The ‘To’ field is a compulsory one as it will contain the fax address of the person intended to receive the fax. Write the fax number here followed by ‘’.

The fields of ‘Subject’ and ‘Cover Page’ are non-compulsory. However, you can fill them with the content of the fax file’s top note and the introductory page respectively.

When all is done, you can then hit the send button. You will be notified when your fax is safely delivered. Even if it failed to deliver, you will still be notified. The failure in fax delivery is due to reasons outside CocoFax.

Receiving faxes
Receiving faxes over the internet is as easy as sending them, actually, it’s easier. You don’t need to do anything at all for receiving faxes. All the faxes sent to you will be delivered to your online dashboard if you are registered with CocoFax.

Whenever you log in, you will be able to see all the newly received faxes in your dashboard.


Sending and receiving faxes over the internet was never this easy. CocoFax has made the faxing procedure a lot easier than before. So, if you are a fax person, CocoFax is just the right place for you.