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FC 24: Week 38 SBC Player Roundup

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FC 24 has introduced a wide variety of SBC players to satisfy the needs of different players, but with so many players, how to choose these players becomes a problem. If you complete all these SBCs, you will need a lot of FUT Coins and need to buy a lot of player cards. But not every player can improve your squad. We will introduce you to the Week 38 SBC players and give you our opinion in this article. Visit แทงบอลเว็บไหนดี for more information on football betting.

Not Worth Completing

1. UEFA Euro Path to Glory – KAMAL MILLER

Estimated SBC price: 177.4K FUT Coins

  • Reasons not to complete:
    • Uncertain upgrade potential: Miller’s rating is not expected to increase significantly, making the high cost of the SBC difficult to justify.
    • Expensive for a 93-rated card: At over 170K FUT Coins, Miller is relatively expensive compared to other 93-rated cards on the market.
    • Limited physical attributes: Miller’s height (180cm) may make him less effective in his playstyle+(Bruiser and Intercept are a good combination).

2. Flashback – ÈVE PÉRISSET

Estimated SBC price: 125.8K FUT Coins

  • Reasons not to complete:
    • Subpar physical stats: Périsset’s physical attributes, particularly her PHY, are not ideal for either center-back or right-back positions.
    • High cost for a non-top-tier player: The 125K+ FUT Coin cost is relatively high for a player who is not considered to be among the best in her position.

Prepare for Other SBCs

1. Showdown – KONRAD LAIMER

Estimated SBC price: 55.3K FUT Coins

  • Reasons to consider:
    • High stats and good playstyle+: Laimer has high stats and a good “Playstyle+” trait, making him a solid player.
    • Chemistry limitations: Laimer’s Canadian nationality may make it difficult to link him with other players in your squad, potentially affecting team chemistry.

Worth Considering Based on Squad Needs and Preferences

1. Copa America Path to Glory – RONALD ARAUJO

Estimated SBC price: 520.6K FUT Coins

  • Reasons to consider:
    • Useful for Barcelona squads: Araújo is a Barcelona player, making him a good option for those building a team around the club.
    • Potential for future upgrades: As a Path to Glory player, Araújo has the potential to receive significant upgrades in the future, including get the important “Intercept” playstyle+.
    • Expensive: Araújo’s SBC is quite expensive, so only complete it if you are a fan of the player or really need a Barcelona defender.
    • Upgrade potential is uncertain: Araújo’s future upgrades are not guaranteed, so there is some risk associated with completing the SBC.

2. UEFA Euro Make Your Mark Plus – XAVI SIMONS

Estimated SBC price: 368.5K FUT Coins

  • Reasons to consider:
    • Excellent stats and gameplay: Simons has great stats and feels good to play with in-game.
    • Potential for a 97 rating: If Simons meets the upgrade requirements, he could become a 97-rated player, making him an incredible value.
    • Uncertain upgrade potential: The Netherlands is struggling offensively, so it is uncertain whether Simons will meet the upgrade requirements.
    • Expensive: Simons’ SBC is quite expensive, so only complete it if you are a fan of the player or really need a midfielder.

3. Copa America Make Your Mark – ALEJANDRO GARNACHO FERREYRA

Estimated SBC price: 481K FUT Coins

  • Reasons to consider:
    • 5-star skills and 4-star weak foot: Garnacho has excellent skill(5 stars) and weak foot(4 stars), making him very versatile.
    • Imperfect playstyle+: Garnacho’s playstyle+ is not the best, and he is more expensive than Make Your Mark – XAVI SIMONS.
    • Other options available: Make Your Mark – MYKHAILO MUDRYK is a better option in the same position.
    • Uncertain upgrade potential: Garnacho’s upgrade requirements focus on PAC, SHO, and PAS, which are not his strongest attributes.

4. UEFA Euro Make Your Mark – IVAN TONEY

Estimated SBC price: 159.5K FUT Coins

  • Reasons to consider:
    • Affordable: Toney’s SBC is relatively cheap.
    • Low upgrade potential: England is not performing well in the tournament, and Toney is a substitute player, so his upgrade potential is limited.

Now Worthwhile


Estimated SBC price: 159.8K FUT Coins

  • Reasons to consider:
    • Excellent stats: Paredes has all of his stats at 90 or above.
    • Good playstyle: Paredes has a good playstyle+ and playstyle combination.
    • Potential for upgrades: If Argentina wins their next match and Paredes reaches a 95 rating, he will be an even better value.
    • Serie A chemistry requirement: Paredes requires Serie A chemistry, which may limit your squad compatibility.

2. Showdown – ADRIEN RABIOT

Estimated SBC price: 166.9K FUT Coins

  • Reasons to consider:
    • Great midfield stats: Rabiot’s combination of “Anticipate” and “Pinged Pass” makes him a great midfielder.
    • Long Ball Pass: Rabiot’s “Long Ball Pass” trait makes him even more versatile.
    • Potential for upgrades: If France wins their next match and Rabiot’s PAC reaches 92 and DEF reaches 95, he will be comparable to Rodrigo Hernández Cascante.
    • Affordable price: Rabiot’s SBC is relatively affordable for the quality of the player.
    • Three playstyle+: Rabiot does not have any additional playstyle+, but he is still better than some players with 4 playstyle+.

3. UEFA Euro Make Your Mark – ARDA GÜLER

Estimated SBC price: 179.4K FUT Coins

  • Reasons to consider:
    • Useful playstyle+: Güler has all useful playstyle+ traits.
    • Potential for upgrades: If Güler’s rating reaches 97, he will be a very good player.
    • Low PAC and PHY: Güler’s PAC is only 91 and his PHY is relatively low, which could be a weakness.
    • Affordable price: For 180K FUT Coins, I think it’s also highly recommended to get this him if he can follow up with a 97 rating!

Above is the SBC Player Roundup for Week 38. The opinions we present are only our personal opinions, if you have different opinions, please feel free to discuss with us!