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Features to Build a Streaming App

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The use of video streaming development is increasing day by day. The biggest reason for the popularity of the video streaming app is due to Covid-19. When the world was shut down and people were confined to their homes, video streaming became the easiest way of entertainment. Currently, there are many video streaming apps operating worldwide, the most popular video streaming apps are:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Twitch
  • Disney+
  • Hulu

The main purpose of video streaming development is to provide web transmission of audio and video files to your user without any interruption from the server client so that the user can enjoy video streaming. Great product development requires a great team to develop it. Since video streaming depends entirely on the services you offer and you’re content, therefore best content and good services gain user attraction.

Developing a video streaming app can be a bit different and difficult than any other app product development. This can involve several important decisions, the most important decision is which platform is best suited for your streaming app content.

If you want to build the best video streaming app, then it is necessary to include the following features in your video streaming app.


User Sign In and Sign Up

User sign-in and sign-up is the prime requirement of a video streaming app. First, develop a sign-in and sign-up form for the video streaming app so that users can create an account on your video streaming app and log in to the app with credentials.


Research Box

Research boxes are useful in solving many user problems. Therefore, it is important to create a research box option in the video streaming app so that the users on the app can research location, topic, popularity, trending, channels, and content according to their interests and enjoy the app.


User Activity Tracker

A video streaming app must track the user’s activity and present the video or content that interests the user. To track this information, the app must be able to decide what content the user should be shown and what content the user should be viewed based on the user’s research, the shows they have previously watched, and the content they have downloaded be in front of the user’s screen before doing research. It is a great way to promote content as well as gain user attention and bring more users to your video streaming platform.


Subscription Option

A great video streaming app offers multiple subscription plans. If you look at on-demand video streaming apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime, they have multiple subscription options for the client. Subscription options should be eye-catching and designed with your competitors in mind. You could say that subscription options are the heart of any video streaming as it is the only option for the app owner to generate revenue. Also, the app should be integrated with multiple payment options so that the user does not face problems while paying for the subscription.


User Interface

Application design plays a very important role in application development. The user interface of the application should be well designed because it forms the opinion of people about your application, and how people feel about your application. The interface of this best video streaming app should be such that the common man does not find it difficult to understand and can navigate the app with ease. Also, the content in the app should be user-focused to attract more users. The simpler and more appealing the interface of your video application is, the less effort you will have to put in to drive traffic to your app.


Push Notification

A user should know when a show in which he is interested is coming or when its new episode is coming. What are the new updates on shows that match the user’s interest or what new shows are ready to hit the video stream according to the user’s interest? Push notifications help the user to know all this. They are much easier to implement and help maintain a transparent relationship between the user and the app. Push notifications need to track the user’s interest and send notifications only when they are in the user’s interest. This method not only prevents user loss in your video streaming app but also helps in keeping users engaged with your app.


Multi-Device Support Function

A perfect video streaming app should support all devices so that the user can enjoy the video streaming app on all their devices be it a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile. It is also important because a good app product development has multi-channel support to reach the target audience as much as possible. You should always ensure that your app can be easily accessed by all users with all types of devices.


Video streaming apps tend to cost a lot because they require a huge infrastructure to develop them. Since it involves a lot of data flow, it costs more than a multi-device support application.

The cost of a video streaming app also depends on its features, the more advanced features you provide to your users, the more cost of the app will increase. These advanced features include application and backend features.

So it is important to choose the best team to build the video streaming app because if you don’t, you can suffer a lot. You can also choose the best video app developers with the help of Altamira Company.