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Feeling Troubled as a Newbie or Returning Player in WoW Classic? We Got You Covered!

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If you are in search for a WoW classic guide than can help you catch up on the original game, you have certainly landed at the right place. Now, if you are a player of World of Warcraft Classic, you are most likely to fall into one of three categories: playing modern Warcraft and want to relive the nostalgia of the old days; played the original game but gave up halfway through; or never played either of the games ever.

Regardless of whatever faction you belong to, WoW Classic is likely to be considerably different from what you’re used to. While Warcraft has many familiarities to other MMOs – it helped paving the way for the genre, and many have since copied its practices – it still has some distinct peculiarities that new players unfamiliar with Warcraft may encounter.

On the contrary, many conventions and game systems transformed significantly over time for individuals playing live WoW, meaning that you may experience some significant changes in the modern WoW. Finally, for those who left the game midways and now looking for a long anticipated resumption, here’s a refresher on how to level up your game in WoW classic.

Look out for a buddy!

Monsters in WoW Classic are difficult to kill, far more difficult than those in contemporary Warcraft, and not all classes are equipped to defeat them equally. Taking on more than one enemy at a moment is either a close call or death for most damage-dealing types. It may mean not being able to kill mobs at all in a timely manner for classes who are primarily healers – and there are a few that fall into that category in Classic, including most ‘hybrid’ classes such as druids.

Because monster kill experience is shared evenly among the party, inviting a friend may make you believe you’ll only rank half as fast. And it’s a fact that inviting a companion won’t help you get to 60 as quickly as possible .It does, however, make it a lot more enjoyable, especially if you’re a beginner.

Select a Race or a Class !

You should usually choose the same race in case you’re leveling up with a friend. Characters of various races aren’t eligible for missions in the same zone in Classic until they escape the initial zones (and, in some cases, the areas after that), which, in contrasting with the live game, can take a long time. Consider a race that starts in the same region or close proximity if you don’t want to run the same race (dwarves and gnomes, for example, or orcs and trolls).

Pick the right ammunition and reagents!

Few of the classes utilize reagents to cast their spells, while classes who employ ranged weapons (such as hunters, rogues, and warriors) must use trade skills to buy or create bullets or arrows. Reagents and ammo are often accessible from city vendors, and players should stock up before leaving town — regrettably at the expense of already limited luggage capacity.

Some of the spells used by warlocks require soul shards, which they obtain by killing beings and draining their souls afterwards. It’s kind of like getting free ammo.

Searching the Guild 

Guilds will take a little longer to form in Classic than they do in live Warcraft, owing to the fact that they are more expensive to form and that previous players wont be having the required gold. Guilds provide players with an easier way to discover questing and dungeon groups, as well as a chatting forum  where discussions regarding the proceedings of the game can be carried out.

 It’s worth joining if you catch-up with players you adore and they further welcome you to their guild. You can bid adieu to the guilds at any moment by entering /gquit; however, in order to join one, you must first receive an invitation, which will prompt on your gaming screen eventually.

Be very sure of your Mount selection!

When you reach level 40, you can train for and purchase a mount that is suited for your race. Mounts facilitates rapid movement, more than you could if you were running. When you reach level 60, you can further train on and purchase epic mounts, which go even faster. 

Given your level, both sorts cost a considerable amount of gold and are often among the more expensive purchases that characters make. Level 40 characters may have to forego learning spells for a few levels to compensate.


Despite keeping all the above mentioned elements and variable in mind, you may falter at times during your quest in WoW Classic. So, you can also go for another alternative known as WoW boosting service that can help you get the desired success in the game, right according to your customized needs.