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Female NFT Creators

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The XXI century has become the time when women are finally visible in lots of different spheres. Blockchain can boast a notable female presence with many women-creators launching their non-fungible tokens. Let’s check what women-celebrities joined the world of NFT. 

What is NFT? 

NFT stands for a non-fungible token, a blockchain entity representing different assets (e.g. works of art). When tokenized, such assets can be traded on NFT marketplaces that run on distributed ledger technologies and perform trustless P2P transactions. All data concerning non-fungible tokens, the ownership and information about transactions is recorded on the blockchain and is immutable. Any member of the marketplace can see the verified data about this or that NFT and be sure of its authenticity and history. 

Why are NFTs so popular? 

There are several aspects that make non-fungible tokens an attractive investment:

  • Easy to create

To make an NFT one does not require any particular technical skills. There are specially-designed NFT marketplaces that guide you step-by-step from the very beginning till the moment of launch. And even in case something is not clear, there is always an option to turn to a qualified NFT programming company that will clarify all the aspects of how to create an NFT

  • Proven authenticity

NFTs contain detailed information about the assets they represent, from the creation specifics to ownership  details. Thus, all parties involved in an NFT transaction can be sure that the item in question is original. 

  • Accessibility

NFT transactions can be made from any place in the world and they do not require any special preparation like document collection, any kind of approval, etc. The deal is made in a matter of minutes.

  • Royalties and income

When selling assets in the real world, they come not with income only but require additional expenses for intermediaries. NFT saves the creators from it as no middlemen are needed. 

Speaking about royalties, the creators often give away a considerable part of it to different agencies or platforms. With NFTs it is not the case. License payments are coded into non-fungible tokens and, when NFTs are resold, all the necessary payments go directly to the creator. 

  • Self-promotion

With NFT being a real hype  when some interesting NFT is launched, it attracts a lot of attention to the creator. That is why lots of famous people (especially those being very popular in the past decades)  venture to join the NFT trend. In a world that is diving deeper into the virtual space, a title of a “digital celebrity” is very intriguing.

What female celebrities have NFTs?

The NFT world attracted a bunch of famous women from various industries and time periods. Here are lifestyle divas from the 2000s, top models, musicians – all falling for the new blockchain technology. 

  • Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, an American actress popular in the 2000s, came to the NFT world with an unusual item – an image of herself as a fursona. Even though the furry community criticized the picture, the bid price was almost $1,650. Shortly after, Lohan released a music video for the song “Lullaby”.

  • Grimes

A true tech-adorer, Grimes created a collection of NFTs of futuristic music videos, GIFs, and images. All non-fungible tokens were sold within 20 minutes for the total sum of $6 million. 

  • Paris Hilton

As she used to create sensations in the 2000s, Paris Hilton returned 20 years later to make some fuss in the NFT world. Hilton is now a respectable NFT trader with a collection of digital art sold for $1.1 million. 

  • Emily Ratajkowski

A new-gen top model decided to regain ownership over her photo by converting it into an NFT. The piece called “Buying Myself Back: A Model for Redistribution” was sold for $175,000. 

  • Azealia Banks

An American musician, Azealia Banks shocked the public by making NFTs out of an audiotape of her making sex with her husband. The tape was sold in 9 hours and brought $17,240. 

Is celebrity NFTs a long-lasting trend?

It is impossible to say for sure if celebrity NFTs will be a lingering phenomenon or just a puff. It seems like this industry plays by its own rules, not taking the weight of the celebrity into account so much. What is obvious is that people feel genuineness and authenticity and are ready to pay for that.