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Finance on YOUR terms: An in-depth look at New Zealand’s Finance Sector

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Do you want to start a new business? Get a car? Get your first place? Check out New Zealand casinos? If so, then you’re going to need finance. While there are many options for getting finance in NZ, it cannot get the best deal. The finance sector in New Zealand is a multi-billion dollar industry with many options for consumers. Interest rates are now near a historic low. It’s never been easier to take out a loan or get a mortgage. But how do you pull the right one? This is why we have researched and put together a list of what we believe to be the most attractive offers on offer right now. Whether you’re looking for personal loans, mortgages, or credit cards, this article will help you find the perfect fit!

NZ’s finance sector is ranked third globally, reaching an average growth of 3% per year over the last decade. This blog post will discuss some critical points about this industry essential for anyone looking to get into it or expand their already-existing business. Here are some of the best tips from an expert in the field to help you make sense of your financial options: 

– How to decide on interest rates: Research the various offers available and then compare their features, including the APR. The best offer will have low or no fees, as well as competitive APRs that suit your needs. Remember this key detail when you’re comparing deals – it’s not just about how much money you’ll be getting!

– Key types of finance: When it comes to securing a loan, mortgages are one of the most popular forms of personal financing thanks to their low monthly payments secured with real estate property such as homes and land. Credit cards also play an essential role in everyday life due to their convenience. You can use credit cards to purchase anything from food, clothes, and a new TV.

– How much can I borrow?: One of the most vital questions is how much you can borrow for your mortgage or personal loan? The answer varies, but it generally ranges from $100,000 up to around $750,000, with some lenders offering higher loan limits if requested. To be qualified for a home loan in New Zealand, an applicant needs at least 20% equity (or deposit) in their property which is often shown by savings accounts that have been open for many months before applying and investment properties.

– What’s my credit rating?: Your credit score will help conclude what type of finance offers you’re eligible for – whether it be for a mortgage or personal loan and the interest rates you are offered. New Zealanders with excellent credit ratings often have lower interest rates on their home loans. Still, they may also be eligible for more borrowing than someone who has perfect credit, so it’s essential to know which category you fall into before applying for finance.

– Do I need an NZ bank account?: When looking for a new house to live in New Zealand, one of the first things that come up is whether or not you’re able to find somewhere that accepts foreign currency as rent payments – this can vary from person to person depending on what type of lease agreement they’ve signed with landlords. What might seem like a significant inconvenience at first becomes significantly easier when dealing with banks. All lenders will allow you to set up a bank account with them, and all banking services are digital.

– How do I get approval? Applying for financing doesn’t need much effort at all when using a broker. As they’ll compile all of the information you need to get an idea about how much money is available for borrowing and what type of agreement will be needed, brokers can do this in a matter of minutes rather than hours that would take on your own.

– Rewards Points: One good thing about leasing with a car dealer is getting rewards points if you have one attached card – when filling out lease forms at dealerships, it’s common practice to ask which credit cards the applicant has so they can offer them discounts as well as any other perks that come along with spending more time there such as free oil changes and detailing.

How to find a good place for your finance?

If you’re not sure where to start looking for good deals, a few places that might be worth checking out but before choosing where to go, ask yourself a few questions first: How much can I afford? What is my payment goal each month (for leasing)? Is the down payment something I’m capable of paying right now? And finally, what type of agreement will be needed? Brokers can do this in a matter of minutes rather than hours that would take on your own. Once all these factors have been considered, head out into town with newfound confidence – it’s time for some finance shopping!

Choosing an affordable finance option that’s right for you can be a complex process. Planning for the future is essential when it comes to financing. Some of these may be more affordable than others, but the question is, which one will give you the exemplary service for your needs?

Admiral Finance is an example of a company that offers affordable and competitive rates to customers and friendly and knowledgeable staff. Admiral Finance is one of NZ’s largest automotive financing companies with branches throughout New Zealand – find your nearest branch today!

Choosing the right type of loan can also make it easier for you to get approved when applying for a new car or other purchase. Some types of loans charge higher interest payments than others, so before going ahead, try talking with your broker about what options might best suit your circumstances?

The name Admiral Finance has been around since 2006 when former Admiral Insurance Brokers decided to expand into the financial services sector. They offer both home lending solutions and vehicle leasing at competitive rates and their banking service arm, including personal lending, share trading and more.