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Fitness Clubs Are Not Affordable in These Cities

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More and more luxury gyms are springing up all over the world, providing all the benefits they can to their clients. These gyms have the most expensive and best equipment and you will find the best trainers in the world in any fitness discipline, be it yoga, bodybuilding or anything else. These gyms promise people that with their state-of-the-art methods, personal nutrition plans and “secret” workouts, they can achieve their goals much faster than if people were to work out at regular gyms. This is why you have to pay a very high price for it all.

Why are health clubs expensive in some countries?

However, there are other people who are very wealthy but still prefer to go to public gyms, for the sake of a unique atmosphere and a certain sociality. In addition, a lot of fitness clubs charge quite a high price and provide the same list of services as others. It’s just that these are expensive cities where prices can be several times higher than in neighbouring countries.

Please do not confuse elite fitness clubs with those where prices are simply high. The fact is that in many cities and countries the cost of going to a fitness club can be as high as 100 USD. Frankly, this is not the limit and it is not clear how the cost is formed. Let’s assume because of what country the fitness club is located, what is available nearby, what equipment it has, what kind of trainers teach there etc. Actually, there are many aspects.

Here are just a few of the countries with the cost of going to a health club:

  • Tel Aviv (100 USD/month)
  • Tokyo (90 USD/month)
  • Osaka (84 USD/month)
  • Shanghai (72 USD/month)
  • Sydney (59 USD/month)
  • Phnom Penh (58 USD/month)

To see a full list of countries with expensive fitness clubs visit this web resource:

What fitness courses are available?

You never have to rely on your own knowledge, speculation and reasoning in the training process; you have an army of top-class trainers, physiologists, massage therapists and nutritionists who will be happy to guide you towards your goal in the shortest and most comfortable way possible.

Another advantage of such gyms is that you will never have to wait for any of the machines or benches to become free, no one will disturb you with their shouts and groans, and you will always be backed up if you need it. You will come when it suits you and know that no one will interfere with your training.

While men mostly go to the gym and focus on strength training when they want to improve their figure and form a beautiful athletic physique, women actively sign up for the fitness club of their choice. Let’s find out what fitness routines are available and what results in each of them produces:

  • Body flex. It is a system of diaphragmatic breathing exercises that actively oxygenates the body. In this way, you can lose weight, tone your muscles, tighten your skin and improve your metabolism. Lose weight by actively oxidizing fat cells and burning them by oxygenation. Despite the scepticism of many people towards this method, the body flex does produce excellent results
  • Pilates. It’s a truly versatile form of fitness that’s great for just about anyone, regardless of gender, age or fitness. The system was specifically designed for the rehabilitation of people after injuries. Pilates author Joseph Pilates created this system as a way of coordinating body, mind and spirit. Pilates helps you tone your muscles, improve your posture, develop flexibility and learn breathing techniques
  • Stretching. This activity is aimed at developing flexibility and improving stretching. A special system of exercises makes it possible to acquire a beautiful posture, slimness and to sit on the splits, which is a cherished dream of many ladies. Good flexibility has an excellent effect on the whole joint-ligament apparatus, increases range of motion and lets you feel more flexibility and freedom in everyday life.
  • Shaping. It is a type of rhythmic gymnastics that allows you to improve your figure, lose weight and keep your muscles toned. The program includes cardio and strength exercises and exercises with equipment (balls, dumbbells, etc.). The classes are usually accompanied by rhythmic music which enables you to maintain a certain active tempo throughout the workout. The effect of regular exercise is a trim figure and the development of strength and endurance.

These areas are available not only in elite fitness clubs but also in ordinary average gyms. Therefore, you should not overpay for it.