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Five Amazing Stories About Casino Wins 

The majority of cool stories about life changing casino wins are usually told in the context of land based casino houses, and this creates an impression that online casinos do not allow to land huge wins. However, the realist is that many online casino players prefer to conceal their names, as long as they can do so. 

Yet, one of the heroes of the following five stories about amazing casino wins decided to reveal her name to the world, and tell the whole world that winning a jaw dropping jackpot at an online casino is possible. Other stories about casino wins are also interesting to check out. 

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Meanwhile, let the stories below inspire you for successful gambling! 

Cathy Ruela 

The story of Cathy Ruela is one of the most amazing stories about online casino wins. Cathay was sitting at home late at night, playing casino games online. She was playing the “Millionaire Genie” slot when suddenly she landed the “Genie’s Treasure Chest” payline feature, and this event turned Cathy into a millionaire. The jackpot she hit was $1,334,641; funny that the figure was so long it could not fit into the casino site widget. 

Cathay stated she would make some bets from time to time, online or offline, depending on her mood, and did it for fun. When she won the jackpot she could not believe that, and had to call her husband to show him the figure and ask whether it meant what she thought it meant. 

Basketball Fan 

This win took place at a land based casino in Nevada. In 2003, a young engineer came to Vegas from Los-Angeles, to visit the basketball match and support his favourite team. But he had a couple of hours of free time before the match, and decided to kill time gambling. The young man spent a couple of hours, and just around $100, betting on slots, and suddenly hit a $39 713 982,25 jackpot. 

As usual in land based casinos, the music switched on and everyone came up to congratulate the guy. Interestingly, back then, the winner decided not to reveal his name to the public. Also, he decided to split his winnings into several payments, and the casino paid around $1,5 minion on his account annually. 

Elmer Sherwin

Elmer Sherwin, a WWII veteran, won $4,6 million when he was already 76 years old. Sherwin was retired and basically broke; he borrowed $20 from his ex wife and decided to spend some time playing slots. He chose a newly opened casino, Mirage, and played there only ten hours after the casino was first opened to the public. Elmer hit the jackpot pretty fast, which was already impressive enough to stay in the gambling history. 

After that case, Elmer Sherwin became a regular gambler, and several years later, he managed to hit another jackpot, $21 million this time, playing in the same land based casino. By that time, the lederly millionaire probably had everything he needed, so he spent most of the money for charity, helping people that suffered Hurricane Katrina. 

John Tippin 

This is an old casino win story, but very didactic. In 1999, John Tippin came to Las Vegas for a vacation, and unexpectedly hit a record win at Megabucks. His win was $12 million, and this event opened a new page in his life as a manager in a post office. 

However, two years later, in 2001, John Tippin released a book called “I Did It: My Life After Megabucks”, explaining that huge life changing wins are not only huge luck, but also a huge challenge and test for a person. In his book, John tells how this big win eventually turned him into a loser and substance abuser. John underlined that big money does not solve all the problems, but can bring extra ones. 

Beverly Whitten 

In 2006, Beverly Whitten, a retiring teacher with 38 years of working experience behind her shoulders, thought that her life was getting closer to sunset. Perhaps this was the reason for Beverly to go and try to distract herself from sad thoughts by gambling. And only a week later after retiring, she hit a $3 718 311 jackpot, playing the same slot game for 2 hours in a row. Beverly had no idea how she would spend the money in a clever way, so she split her payouts to around $2,000 per month.