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Food Network Announces ‘Big Food Truck Tip’

Host Andrew Zimmern Travels the Country in Search of Passionate Food Truck Entrpreneurs

Food Network will debut a six-series on Wednesday, Sept. 19 (at 10 p.m. ET) called “Big Food Truck Tip.” Hosted by Andrew Zimmern, the series will feature Zimmern as he travels the country in search of the most passionate food truck entrepreneurs who are chasing the American dream, serving up exceptional food to the public and daring to become their own boss. In each city three food truck operators will showcase their culinary point of view, sharing their dishes and the stories behind them. Andrew will reward one deserving culinary dreamer with a $10,000 tip and a seal of approval to help them take their food truck to the next level.
“Mobile food isn’t a new development in our global food culture,” said Zimmern. “It’s been going on since the dawn of human history, and the food truck experience in America has been a vital cultural totem dating back hundreds of years. Our modern-day food world is blessed to have the extreme ambition, fun attitude, and glorious culinary output of today’s truckers. Micro businesses on wheels, serving up love by the sandwichful makes looking at this community and telling these stories a real privilege.”