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Football Cards: Collecting, Trading, And Game Playing

Football cards are a fun hobby enjoyed by many. They can be purchased at retail stores, swap meets, and online. There are also other ways to collect Football Cards than just buying them, including trading with friends or playing games against one another for the cards you need. These are not only great activities for the young but adults as well. Here is a little more about this exciting hobby that many have fallen in love with.

Football Cards Collecting:

As mentioned earlier, football card collecting is a fun activity for the young and old. It is a great way to relax and even make a few friends. There are thousands of different cards to collect, some of them rare and hard to find. The fun part about it is that you can come across so many different kinds that you find something for everyone. You can start collecting your team’s cards or famous players of today or the last century.

Top Trading Football Cards.

  • Justin Herbert 2020 Prizm Colorblast.
  • Dwayne Haskins 2022 Prizm Colorblast
  • Josh Allen 2020 Prizm Tier One
  • Nick Bosa 2021 Prizm Colorblast
  • Kyler Murray 2021 Prizm Tier One.

The right way to choose Football Cards

Depending on the sport you enjoy having cards made for, it should be no surprise that there are even more different choices out there than just the standard ones, such as baseball and basketball. These include Personalised Football Cards and hockey card collecting. The goal is to get cards of the players you like or who are rising in popularity so they will be worth something to you in the future.

You can go online or find a store looking for the cards they offer and then go through each by price, rarity, and overall design quality. Think long and hard before buying anything below $10. Costing around $5-$10 is a good idea if you don’t want to spend money on junk.

Categories of Football Cards

There is a wide array of categories in which you can collect cards; each has its rarity level.

  1. Team:

All cards are found in this category except for those from Live events such as the Super Bowl or any other game cards that have not been released yet. These work because there are different tiers (or levels) of the same team. 

  1. Popular Players:

Similar to Team cards, the players are more popular and sought after. Some of the players in this category include Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Roger Federer.

  1. Rookies:  

These are unknown rookies waiting for their names to be called in for their rookie jerseys. These work because each rookie card has a limited quantity available, like a lot of the first-year cards of a new player. Once they reach 100, they become highly sought after and worth big-time money, so you have to be smart with your collection.

  1. Rising Stars:

These cards have yet to be seen anywhere and are only distributed in certain stores. These include cards like coming up as the best rookie in a draft or rising stars of today, but they don’t become valuable until they are released to the market.

  1. Autographs:

This is self-explanatory in which the cards have autographs of either the player or the team’s president or CEO, making them even more valuable than usual cards.


Whether you are a hobbyist or just playing with them, there are many different ways to collect and trade cards. There is also a lot of fun you can have while doing so. Football card collecting will probably not become out of style anytime soon, and kids and adults can enjoy it together. It doesn’t matter if you play or collect for it’s fun. You can make money by buying and selling or trading cards (depending on how you look) or just purchasing cards for general enjoyment.