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For Back to School: Best Home Security Package for You in 2021

Home is the place where we feel most secure and content. But you might have seen it on television that these days, thefts and burglaries occur at homes. I have no intention of scaring you off. Let me tell you how you can make your home safe and secure from all types of theft and burglaries. Smonet proudly presents to you its home security package. This article is all about home security systems, and hang on, we have got an amazing promotion for you. That’s right. Smonet will have promotions for back-to-school on its products during 8.10-8.23. 

What is a home security package? 

You might be familiar with the term, but let me tell you more about it. The Home security package is a system that is designed to provide protection to your home from all types of threats, such as burglaries, thefts, unauthorized entries, and many more. With the home security package installed at your home, now your home safety is never compromised. The Home security package includes a smart door lock, security cameras, doorbells, and Gateways. 

Importance of family safety 

Family security is the concern of every homeowner out there. The problem is that we can protect our homes when we are at home, but the problem intensifies when we leave home, and nobody is around to keep an eye on our home. As a parent and homeowner, it is your prime responsibility that everyone at home is safe. One of the proven ways to ensure family safety is by installing a home security system. 

Why home security package is the best way to make your home safer?

We have already claimed that through the home security package, you can effectively manage your home safety. The Home security package is a complete package that provides the highest level of safety at your home. The smart door lock will restrict unauthorized people from entering your home. And smart video doorbell will help you quickly find out who is at your doorstep without even have to go to the door. Now, you have complete control over the security of your home. 

Home security adds convenience to your home.

In addition to providing security, a home security package adds more convenience to your home. You can easily control and improve the security of your home. For instance, take the example of a smart door lock. The smart keyless door lock offers you more than one way of locking and unlocking the door. You can also lock and unlock remotely with the help of your mobile via the internet. So we can say that the home security package gives you the highest level of convenience.

How does Smonet home security package benefit you? 

Smonet home security package is an amazing package, which includes: Smonet wifi smart door lock, Smonet Wireless Smart Video Doorbell, and Smonet wifi Gateway. All these quality products can be bought for only $175.77. The original price is $219.97, so you can save more than $44. Let me give you an overview of the products. 

Smonet wifi smart door lock

The keyless smart door lock is a great gadget. The door lock offers the following features: 

  1. The lock can be locked and unlocked in many ways, such as passcode, physical key, mobile application, etc.
  2. Remote password sharing feature. 
  3. Long battery life 
  4. OLED Display 
  5. Automatic locking feature after five wrong entries 
  6. It can normally work at – 20 ~ 70 ℃.

Smonet Wireless smart video doorbell

This device is a very interesting one, and it allows you to see who is outside the door. The device is completely wireless. The device can also detect movement within the line of the side and notify you once something is detected. 

Smonet WiFi Gateway 

This device offers you an easy connection to your security gadgets. Smonet wifi Gateway connects Smart lock with Amazon Alexa and smartphone. It is very easy to set up, which hardly takes 2 minutes. Multiple devices can be easily linked. In addition to that, it also offers voice and remote control features. 


Smonet produces the most innovative and cutting-edge products that are the favorite choices of homeowners from all around the world. They have got almost two decades of practical experience. Smonet has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service worldwide. Besides, you are welcomed to leave comments on their product page, and you will get more discounts from them. Contact them today and buy the home security package at a discounted price.