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For The Love Of Horses: Your 2019 Kentucky Derby Betting Guide

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most popular horse racing events in the United States in Kentucky. This event is normally held every 3rd and 4th week of May. It is one of the oldest horse racing show created where a lot of racing fans and superstars gathered to witness the most awaited event. It is also considered to be one of America’s most wagered horse racing events.

In addition, it has also been reported that previous wagering records had reached an estimated amount of $139.2 million bets in a single derby. Furthermore, this event is usually attended by an estimated 160,000 horse racing fans filling the arena at Churchill Downs. Aside from that, it has also generated the most number of TV viewers and other kinds of digital platforms.

As the second quarter of the year is nearing and the 2019 Kentucky Derby is one of the most awaited events in Churchill Downs, many horse racing fans, wagers, and bettors are still not set with the type of entries they’re going to wage. Hence, before the racing event will start, we will first lay out to you the basic things you need to know which will serve as your full guide in betting the 2019 Kentucky Derby.

Types of Bets and Wagers

The traditional types of bets and wagers of Kentucky Derby normally include a Win, Place, and Show. As the years go by and entries had risen in number, the Kentucky Derby association had made necessary changes and include various types of bets and wagers.

That said, the following is your complete guide in betting and wagering the 2019 Kentucky Derby.

● Win – it is where you place your horse racer bet that you may think will win the 2019
Kentucky Derby.

● Place
– You will earn the pot or placed prize if your bet gets the first or second place.

● Show – This may pay you the very least; however, you will surely be paid if your horse
racer ended up being on the first or second place.

● Exacta – You may predict which two horses can make it in the right order.

● Trifecta – You can also predict the first three horses who can make it in the right order.

● Superfecta
– You have to predict the first four horses to finish in the right order.

● Super High Five
– This is your first five list of horse racers who can make it in the
correct order.

Where and How To Bet on the 2019 Kentucky Derby

Wagering and betting for the Kentucky Derby can be very exciting because of the big prizes you may win. That said, it is critical that you choose and place your bets correctly. So, where should you go to place your bets and get involved in this exciting horse racing event? – Watch TVG.

To make sure that you can legally place your bet, there are various ways wherein you can wage for the said derby. You can either bet on some simulcast centers, racetracks like OTB (Off Track Betting) centers, or you may place your bet in some online gambling sites.

Aside from that serves as the official wagering site for the Kentucky Derby. This is also one of the most credible sites where you can place your bets.

Choosing A Kentucky Derby Winner

It is inevitable that the Kentucky Derby is a grand event graced by a lot of competitive horse racers and picking the right winner must entail a big challenge. You have to make sure that you are fully equipped with regards to your bet in line with their racing history, achievements, and placements.

While there are various numbers of possible winners you may consider, picking the best one would be very hard. On the other hand, you can narrow your best possible choices through these simple and easy tips.

Handicapping horses demands an immense time of getting the right intuition and research. This may be obtained by considering the previous performance of the horse racer and at the same time checking its figures, ratings, and statistics.

● Your possible bets and horse racer line up should have a positive review back up from horse racing fans and experts. It is also best that you have to be updated with the 2019 Kentucky leaderboard predictions which will serve as your guide in picking the right bet.


In betting the 2019 Kentucky Derby, it is necessary that you have to be knowledgeable when it comes to picking the right winner. You do not place and wage your bet if you think a horse racer can’t make it because betting is an expensive thing to consider.

Therefore, the betting guides enumerated above should help and guide you in picking the possible winner, placing the right bet, and most importantly possibly emerge as a big winner in the said horse racing show.