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Forex4You Scam: Is This a Bad Brokerage Firm?

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Forex4You Scam: Is This a Bad Brokerage Firm?

This company was established in 2007. Forex4You offers a lot of opportunities for retail traders, including Forex, CFD and crypto trading. Moreover, even if you don’t have enough trading experience, you can also rely on skilled managing traders who will provide you with top-notch trading signals and ideas. Our experts have done a lot of work to find out whether this is a reliable brokerage firm or another scam broker.

Forex4You License and Regulations

This company owns a BVI license, meaning the brokerage firm operates under surveillance. For retail traders, this means that their rights are protected by an independent organization. Moreover, by having this type of license, Forex4You can provide services worldwide and work with retail traders from various regions.

Forex4You Main Features

If you still have doubts about whether Forex4You scam or not, below you can find some key aspects that prove that the brokerage firm is legal:

  1. Risk management and control system. Forex4You offers a special system that allows you to have better control over your risks in trading. By using it, you can limit your losses and be protected from risks that exceed your invested money.
  2. The company cooperates with reputable liquidity providers. You can find more information about them on the Forex4You official website.
  3. All client funds are segregated. This means that the brokerage firm’s money is stored separately from the trader’s funds. It should also be mentioned that clients’ funds are stored in various banks to prevent risks of default.

Forex4You Advantages

Famous brokerage firms offer a lot of benefits to their clients. In particular, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Forex4You offers great trading conditions. The brokerage firm charges its clients the lowest commissions, which is good for both new and skilled traders.
  2. The brokerage firm gives you a lot of opportunities to have additional passive income. For instance, all the clients of Forex4You can gain access to their special social trading platform.
  3. To start trading with Forex4You, you don’t need to make huge investments. The brokerage firm allows you to start with $0, meaning you can choose the amount you want to invest on your own.
  4. When dealing with this brokerage firm, you can gain access to various markets, including Forex, metals, commodities, stocks, indices, etc.

Is Forex4You Scam or Not?

As you can see, the brokerage firm provides its clients with a lot of opportunities and offers various features. Forex4You is regulated and can offer services worldwide (with some minor exceptions). Forex4You provides you with the opportunity to start with as little as $0, which allows you to choose your minimum deposit amount on your own. The company has a lot of positive reviews from traders from various regions.