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Today, one can start speculating on foreign currencies with minimum knowledge — due to a huge selection of trading signal services. Based on such prompts, it is much easier to take an effective decision on when to buy or sell a specific asset. Below, you will see an expert guide on one of the most trusted of such sources —

First, let us clarify how this service works. It is a signal provider, which forms its real-time recommendations by combining both technical and fundamental analysis. So, you can view its prompts to understand which direction the price is likely to move and whether it is beneficial to execute a specific trade right now. Certainly, to minimize risks, you are not supposed to rely on such signals solely, they are just an additional source of analytics to complement your own calculations.

This source is available as a web platform and as a mobile app. Besides, its subscribers can receive signals via its Telegram channel.

As for fees, some of its functions are available free of charge. Yet, to access most of its features, you will need a paid subscription. Fees vary from $26 to $58 per month. Meanwhile, when you become a subscriber, in addition to up-to-date signals, you will be supplied with a bunch of exclusive features like professional trading instruments, live tutorials, real-time trading sessions, guidance by mentors, and even personal consultations.

Let us move from our theoretical review to practical guidelines on how to utilize it:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Choose a paid plan.
  3. Go to a Trading Room.
  4. View recent newsfeed.
  5. Choose a seasoned trader to copy. Afterward, you will receive signals from him on a daily basis via email.
  6. Check whether the signal provided is worth following by performing your own market research.
  7. Execute a trade.
  8. If you have a need and some free time, view live streams with professionals and chat with other traders.
  9. Do not forget about self-education — there is a huge collection of tutorials for beginners and experienced investors.

In sum, we can safely conclude that this signal provider is a reliable source with a decent reputation and a huge community of loyal users. Most of them are fully satisfied with the accuracy of the recommendations obtained. Nevertheless, you must always combine such signals with your own research as even the most prominent experts tend to make mistakes from time to time.