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Welcome to the charming village near the Hengduan Mountains, where rabbits hold a special place in the hearts of its residents. In this grain-growing community Rabbits are revered as protectors of crops and wealth. And a great festival has been celebrated for over 500 years in honor of this furry creature. But how did this cultural tradition begin? Legend has it that this village once faced dire circumstances. Due to drought, there is a shortage of food.

Rabbit: protector of crops and symbol of wealth

In a village filled with nature, peace and shadyness, the rabbit is considered a symbol of great importance in the agricultural and economic circles of the community. The rabbit is not only a symbol of wealth, but also represents the prosperity of agriculture and the village’s very high quality food production.

Big Rabbit Festival

The planting festival is a celebration of the prosperity of the village farmers. Exciting activities abound for everyone to join in. Such as the rabbit jumping competition and the village chicken judging competition. There are also exhibitions to showcase the village’s best produce. Make it acceptable and encourage people to see success in agriculture and the value of the products.

Village Tourism Office Hengduan

The Hengduan Village Tourism Office is the location of the information center and owner of the rabbit sightseeing project. Here you will find information about all the history and traditions regarding rabbits in the village. It also offers up-to-date content on how to play Fortune Rabbit slots, the most popular and simple gambling game. This allows tourists to enjoy and try the game for free.

The Hengduan Village Tourism Office also has a map and many itinerary highlights to help you have an amazing experience with the village’s rabbits.


In summary, Hengduan Village is a charming and historical tourist destination. The rabbit is considered an important symbol and is highly respected in the community. There are also many festivals and activities organized for visiting tourists. In this place, you can experience the adventures of the villagers and have fun learning about rabbit culture and traditions.