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Forza Horizon 4 vs. 5 Gameplay Differences 

Even though both games have the same name, there are a lot of fundamental changes that could improve/decrease the favoritism for either version. Furthermore, even if Forza Horizon 5 is the latest part of the franchise, Forza Horizon 4 remains strong. You can always return to either option and have some fun.

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Expeditions and Unique Missions

Each Forza Horizon option in the franchise comes with many different racing events that vary in difficulty and challenge. Meanwhile, as you drive around the place, you learn more about Horizon racing events or the region’s backstory through lore and buildings. 

Therefore, as you load any Expedition or Unique missions, you’ll usually get a random person (mostly a local) to share important info about the current event. 

Often, you’ll come across Forza Horizon 4 missions that sadly lack objectives. However, thanks to the gamer’s feedback, Playground Games improved the gameplay mechanic in their video games, and you’ll see it within Forza Horizon 5. For example, instead of driving around between points, you could get multiple objectives inside a specific zone, improving the mission’s reward. 

Barn Finds

One of the most common activities in the Forza Horizon franchises is the Barn Finds. When you participate in these activities, you’ll acquire some of the rarest cars from the Forza Horizon Festival. 

As you travel between objectives, you might get a “rumor” that someone has seen an old vehicle hidden in a barn. Afterward, you’ll have to drive into the barn’s area and investigate until you discover the building.

Indeed, in both Forza Horizon games from the franchise, the Barn Finds game mechanics work the same way. But, when you’re playing Forza Horizon 4, this “quest” becomes tedious. Overall, the search area is bigger, and the building (barn) looks too small.

Offroad Attribute

Playground Games made an outstanding innovative element when they integrated the off-road part in Forza Horizon 5. Before the latest installment, all the driving games took dirt driving similarly. For example, you can grab any vehicle you want and install off-road tires, and it magically turns into an all-terrain transport.

Nowadays, inside Forza Horizon 5, different vehicle parts modify the off-road attribute of your car.

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Vehicle Diversity

The developers at Playground Games take the region to build the overall carlist. As a result, we tend to see more vehicles that become more common within these areas. If you are familiar with cars from the North American part of the World, you should go for Forza Horizon 5. Instead, if you’re a European guy, go for Forza Horizon 4.